On Gratitude

Sometimes when you pull a weed out of your garden it comes out very easily and sometimes you have to get a big shovel and work really hard to pull it out. That’s what it’s like on this road of emotional healing and self-improvement.

Do you keep a gratitude journal?

I didn’t think I needed to keep one but my lack of gratitude for the little things is that big, tough weed that I pull out but it keeps on coming back! Well today I decided to pull out the BIG GUNS or I guess I mean- big shovel or I might even get all UN Crunchy and use some pesticide on this beeeeaaattch…

I’ve been working on meditating. Today I brought my meditation guide to the beach. It’s not easy to read at the beach in a foreign country with 2 small children and we were right next to a very unforgiving death trap of a sea— so needless to say- I wasn’t doing much reading nor was it my intention to BUT I did plan on doing some meditation while sitting and playing like I hear Angelina Jolie does 🙂

So when Lilly decided she wanted to be buried up to her chest I figured- yes great idea I can at least do a mantra or 2.

I repeated over and over- I have everything I need. I am thankful for the small things. And without prompting Lilly began repeating me while she was buried. Tears came to my eyes for a few reasons I think- first because I was so happy to be teaching her something at this moment and secondly because I really WAS grateful for the little things and I KNOW I have been feeling so less than grateful. I kind of felt ashamed for NOT being thankful enough when we are SO VERY BLESSED beyond measure but I just always think to myself- I could DO MORE – but taking a deep breath and actually BELIEVING – I – Am – Enough FELT SO FUCKING FREEING and peaceful.

So when we got home and the girls took their nap I got out my journal that I continue to carry around with me but I haven’t written in since January 28.

It is now my daily gratitude journey and I VOW to write it in every single friggin day. Do you do this? Want to start? I’d love to hear about your process for really and truly expressing and harnessing and breathing in your gratitude please email me and tell me about it! —

I filled an entire page.

I can’t wait to write more about my gratitude in my journal tomorrow!

*** the book I’m reading is You Have 4 Minutes to Change Your Life by Rebekah Borucki and you should totally get it ASAP here is the LINK

How I found my birth mother on my 42nd birthday by going LIVE on Facebook

On January 22, 2017 my life changed forever. I’m adopted I’ve always known I was adopted my birthparents told me at a very young age so I don’t ever remember not knowing. It was always something that I carried so much shame about. The fact that I wasn’t from my parents hurt me so bad I felt like an outsider like I was different like I didn’t belong even though my parents and my family are the most loving and warm people. I have had an amazing life with so much love and joy but the problem has always been inside of me. I’ve been blocking joy for all of my 42 years. Something good would happen in my life and then I would immediately flash to feelings of inadequacy and not belonging. I didn’t talk about being adopted very often just in the last few years I really started to speak up more.

I remember when I was in high school a family friend was also adopted she wrote an article that was published in our local paper and I thought oh my gosh I could never EVER do that. I was afraid of being judged. I was afraid of being more isolated and I couldn’t imagine everyone knowing the true me.

On January 22 on my 42nd birthday at about 830 in the morning I did a Facebook live video asking for help in finding my birth mother and what happened after that has been completely breathtaking.

Doing a live video seemed to happen overnight but it was actually years in the making. The night before my birthday I was laying in bed nursing Autumn and I thought to myself – I’m going to do it other people have done it so why not me!? When she fell back to sleep I sprang out of bed went to my office got some of my three-year-old’s markers and made a sign that said “on January 22, 1975 42 years ago today are young woman gave birth to me in Greenville Pennsylvania. I need to think her for this beautiful life! Please help me find her”

I said this through tears the video was just a little bit over a minute.
Then I packed up the girls and went to church. I’m not a churchgoer however I’ve been wanting to go to this particular church with my friend Catie for the past few months. I had planned on today being the day. As I drove to church I called my mother who for clarification purposes I’ll call my sunshine mother my mother who adopted me and gave me life, taught me how to be smart strong resilient bold and never give up. She started laughing a little bit and said take a picture I don’t want the church to fall down. Hilarious!

The service was awesome and it seemed as if Pastor Eddie was speaking directly to me. I told my friend Catie what I had done and we embraced cried held hands and held each other as the service went on and he continued to speak directly to me talking about opening your heart to love! I couldn’t believe it.

When the service ended Catie asked if I wanted to meet Pastor Eddie and his wife and asked if it would be OK if we shared what I if we shared about my video! Yes of course- I told her! Pastor Eddie and his wife are very excited and we all held hands and prayed Pastor Eddie as he held my hand said prayed and I pray that you will find your birth mother “with a quickness.” I thought…yeah right…

I kind of chuckled to myself yeah how quick can you be I think them I think them for a beautiful service and knew that I will be back soon when I got to my car that’s when I looked at my phone and saw a message from David he said I think you are my sister Marie’s daughter we need to talk and he left his phone number and said to call him.

I was so excited I put my headphones in and they called right away and he said are you driving I said yes I am but it’s OK the girls are in their car seats all strapped in so I can talk!! hHe said –I think you better not be driving when we talk about Marie –and that’s when I knew that she had died.

When I got home I got the girls all set up with the show and fed and I told my husband Al and I asked David if he would like to talk on video chat and he said that he did and he asked if I could record it so we could share it with the rest of his family.

My heart was beating out of my chest I was sweating I could NOT believe this was about to happen so I got everything ready and I gave them I think to my Zoom website where I have my video meetings with my clients and team and then all of a sudden there he was my uncle the only person besides my two girls that I had ever met with my same blood. There he was. Right there on my computer screen.

It was surreal. I just couldn’t believe it was happening and so fast David told me that my birth mother had died in a car accident 26 years ago. My heart sank for a minute I felt defeated like I was too late. I was lost again, buried in sorrow, back to isolation but THEN he told me that she also had 10 brothers and sisters and that I had 26 first cousins and they all look like me. Oh my heart.

Instantly the sadness turned to joy that I had never experienced. Finally the authentic me was starting to take form.

Change is Good!

Change is good.  How good?  Well, since becoming a marine spouse, resigning from my government career, moving to Okinawa and becoming a first time mom all in two year’s time- I’m here to say from experience “Change is REAL GOOD!”  I now have a beautiful husband and daughter AND work from home.  My work is so rewarding!  I get to help people realize their true potential.  I help them peel back the layers to unveil their inner beauty and fierceness!  However, this is not an easy task.  The “C” word can make ‘em or break ‘em.   Fear and apprehension of change can really F things up for a person.  I can’t even imagine my life any other way and would have none of this- NONE- if I had let anxiety over CHANGE hold me back.

Sooo, why is change such a scary thought when it comes to health and fitness?

People frequently ask me how they can get healthier, train harder and learn to eat better.  Most people want to know a quick fix, a dynamic move in the gym or a smoothie concoction that will magically put on muscle and burn fat.  When I explain that a lifestyle transformation takes time, hard work and the mindset to change past behaviors and accept new behaviors some people are not so sure they can do it.  Some hear the “C” word and begin shaking with fear.  “I have to Ch-Ch- Ch-  Chhhhange?”

Yes, with a capital friggin’ Y!!  You have to change your patterns, your routine, your behavior, your mindset in order to get results!  Even if you are somewhat on the right track but you just don’t have that edge to push yourself in a new direction- you have to change.  When you accept change and embrace new and unfamiliar circumstances you are allowing yourself to be open to the universe.  Our true selves can be hidden under layers and layers of (fat…which can come in the form of) stress, regret, task lists, deadlines or whatever flavor of delicious ice cream weighs you down.

For example, if all you do is cardio but you’re not seeing results- hire a personal trainer and learn to train with weights.  If you have been lifting heavy but are feeling unfulfilled then learn about CrossFit and how you can spice up your workouts with explosive movements.   Step outside of your comfort zone for maximum results!

My challenge to you for this season…identify your favorite flavor and try a new one.   You might be surprised by how much you like it!

One Picture is Worth Ten Thousand Words – Chinese Proverb

When I tell my clients they will be taking photos of themselves each week, most of them cringe with fear. They say, “Uuugh do I have to?” I respond with a resounding YES! This makes my clients quite unhappy at first, but their unhappy feelings change very, very quickly!

The reason I require weekly photo documentation is very simple, as the Chinese proverb states, “One picture is worth ten thousand words.”

Everyone wants to know WHEN they will see results. People want to know their hard work is paying off in pounds and inches. Photos show a perspective that we can’t see in the mirror. I tell my clients to photograph themselves from the front, both sides and from the back. This way, all angles are captured! After about three weeks of clean eating and a solid exercise program, I encourage my clients to look at the before photos compared to their current photos. The response I get is always packed with motivation!

When people see the progress they have made they’re always motivated to continue eating clean and to train even harder! Try it! Take some photos and take a long, hard look at yourself. Is your current program working for you? If it is, GREAT! If you see something different than you thought you were going to see, do something about it! Take your photos each week and compare.

I still pull up my photos from when I began working with a coach and training more seriously. Now, I take pictures of my growing pregnant belly each week! All of these photos tell a valuable story, one that silently speaks ten thousand words.

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Busting Your Butt at the Gym Only to Sabotage Yourself?

Are you busting your butt in the gym, only to sabotage your butt in the kitchen?

An hour of Zumba plus a full body resistance training circuit on Monday, spin class on Tuesday and more lifting, walking hills in the neighborhood on Wednesday plus squats and lunges, Thursday some yoga then more weights, Friday is your rest day then back at it for weekend warrior fun! Is this YOU?? Great work! Way to train! Way to commit! Oh wait, you went to Zumba on an empty stomach and didn’t eat until mid-​​day? Then, you ate a pint of ice cream on Tuesday because “you deserved it after spin and weights.” And, you went out for pizza and wings because “that’s what you do every Wednesday??” Maybe Thursday you ate clean all day then made Christmas cookies and ate ¼ of the batter and sampled a cookie every time a sheet came out of the oven? Does this sound familiar? Sounds like you are busting your butt in the gym only to sabotage your butt in the kitchen.

What are you gonna do about it? Most people are overwhelmed when it comes to making healthy food choices and eating clean. Here are some basic tips to get you started.

Water first! As soon as you wake up drink a glass of water. I keep one next to my bed. I’m pregnant so I wake up three times in the night. I sip on it when I return from my bathroom trip. Then in the morning, I chug the rest before my feet hit the floor. Drinking water first thing helps to get everything moving! Drink one gallon of water every single day. It seems like a lot at first, but you will feel wonderful!

Eat breakfast for heaven’s sake! Are people still skipping breakfast? Yes, they are. I know these people. Make yourself a breakfast that consists of protein, carbs and fat. Most people skip the protein part and think they are doing themselves a favor by eating a bagel– you are destroying all of the hard work you have done in the gym if you do not give your body the protein it needs to rebuild the muscle that you have ripped up so nicely while training so hard! Do not skip the protein at breakfast. Four egg whites plus a whole egg or about a cup of egg whites is a good amount to shoot for in the most important meal of your day.

Eat clean and eat often. Keep your metabolism running hot by fueling your body with clean, whole foods. Consume five to six small meals consisting of protein, carbs and fat every day. Most people do not get enough protein. Here are some sources: chicken, ground turkey, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, lean beef, fish, beans, tofu. Live by this rule — each meal MUST have a protein source.

Shake it up! Bring your post workout shake (consisting of a high quality protein such as a whey protein isolate) to the gym with you and drink it immediately following your training session. It is CRUCIAL to get that protein in your body prior to thirty minutes post exercise. Don’t go to the grocery store or visit with a friend before you drink that shake down!

Don’t go to bed hungry! Rest is SUPER important and it is the perfect time for your body to repair, build and burn. Forget about the “don’t eat before bed” myth. Eat clean and eat your protein, carbs and a small amount of fat before bed.

Keep up the good work at the gym or wherever you are enjoying your exercise! Remember that your nutrition is just as critical to your fitness success and sweating it up everyday. Follow these steps and you will be on your way to seeing the rewards of your hard work.

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Kickstart YOUR 2013! 5 Steps to Living Fitness Success in 2013

Konichiwa from Okinawa, Japan! I’m Anne (pronounced Annie) Peguero, military spouse, 31 weeks pregnant, personal trainer and fitness coach. I’m thrilled to be writing for YOU and hope I can offer some insight into getting and staying in the best shape of your life while balancing a family when your spouse is deployed AND when your spouse is NOT deployed (which as we all know, can be the more challenging of the two when it comes to our nutrition and fitness) and living the military spouse dream.

Getting started is something that almost everyone who wants to make a change will struggle with at some point. How to get started frequently stands in the way of execution of any type of program. Where do I begin? How do I do this? What should I eat? What if I don’t like the gym with all of those meatheads (who, by the way, are 95% of the time very nice people)? I feel like they are all looking at me (who cares, you are hot, press on with your mission!). Are these things preventing you from being the very best you? Do you know there IS a champion– a super fit Mama/​Woman/​Wife or Man (yes men, this can also be applied to you) just waiting to be unleashed? Do you KNOW you have it in you to be lean, active, strong and healthy?! I’m here to help you match your outer self with your inner self. You can do this and the time is NOW.

Let me walk you through my 5 Steps to Living Fitness Success in 2013:

1. Choose a program that is sustainable for you. It’s all about implementing your training program into your already busy lives. Is it difficult to imagine adding something extra to your life? It is for most of us. That’s why choosing your program carefully and realistically will be one key to maintaining your program and contribute to your success. “And how exactly do I do this?” you ask. Try this:

– Keep a schedule. It doesn’t have to be anything sophisticated. I use my iCal and/​or Google Calendar to keep all of my appointments– business and personal and I schedule time to food prep, train, go to yoga, swim or whatever fitness activity moves me on any given week. That way, I can plan to bring my workout clothes with me and train before I go to the commissary or after I meet with a client on base. Make your program work for you.

2. Set attainable goals. Write down your goals. Think about the things that keep you up at night that are burning a hole in your brain! If you could get control of these things in your life, you would be a happier, healthier person. What are those things? Get them on paper and look at them. Imagine your life if you have control of these things and if these goals are met.

3. Motivation. Are you READY to welcome change into your life? If you have been inactive and eating unhealthy you may have been telling yourself for a while that it is time to change– but ARE YOU REALLY READY TO DO IT? That is the question and it will block the door to success if you are not truly ready. Take inventory of your intentions and recognize anything that may stand in your way of being motivated to bring about positive change. You can do it! Your mind is extremely powerful!

4. Consistency. Once you have chosen your sustainable plan, set your attainable goals and devoted yourself to being motivated, all you have to do is STICK WITH IT. Easier said than done? Not if you are really ready! Stick to your program, follow through each day with your clean eating and exercise program, replace excuses with positive affirmations of success!!! Remain consistent and you will see the results of your hard work.

5. Accountability. This is where I come in. If you know you are the type of person who needs someone to hold them accountable then hire a personal trainer or fitness coach. This person MUST be a good match for you. Do your comparison shopping and pick someone who will help you with the above steps and give you the tools you need to be successful. You will get out of your program what you put into it so set yourself up for high achievement by hiring someone to hold you accountable, challenge you and help you realize your inner champion.

What are you waiting for? 2013 is right around the corner so begin making your plan for a healthy family and a healthy YOU right now. You will be so happy you did and your journey will be rewarding and fulfilling– much more so than that extra slice of holiday pie. I promise.

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Meal Planning

Meals!! Planning meals and carrying them with you is so very important. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and challenging to plan when dieting.   I have found that if I have my food with me- I’m less likely to cheat and more likely to eat at scheduled times and stick to my plan.  Buy yourself a cute (or if you’re a dude- a high speed, low profile) cooler.  I use glass containers for all of my food- no plastics if I can help it.

COFFEE!!!  The essential start to my day.  We recently were gifted this Breville one cup coffee maker.  Love it.  We use our own grinds instead of purchasing the K cups.

Plant some crops!  We live right on the water so the soil is no good- we brought these planters and some starter plants- tomato, peppers, hot peppers, cucumbers, green beans and strawberries!

Protein muffin! Sometimes I like to take my breakfast to go.  I got this recipe from my coach- one part egg whites, one part cottage cheese and one part oatmeal. Add cinnamon or banana or blueberries! Can be adjusted to any macronutrient ratio you are eating.  Just do some math.

My food for the day- ready to go! 20 g of protein and 30 g of carbs in each pyrex container.

Sometimes I eat and drive.  20 g of protein and 30 g of carbs.  Chicken with Mrs. Dash seasonings, jasmine rice and broccoli.

More meals ready to go.  Chicken and rice, plus a green salad with a few little tomotoes.  I will package small salads in additional containers.  I like the green salad refreshing CRUNCH!

A few times this week my clients (who are contest dieting) have talked about bringing their prepared meals to restaurants when they were required to attend business lunches.  I say- DO IT and DO IT PROUD! – if you have to go to a restaurant, you are better off bringing your prepared meal and getting a small green salad with no dressing.  You will have to explain to some curious coworkers but it is worth it when preparing for a show.

Hope this helps you plan your meals.  What are some things you do to stay focused and on track?

Insight. Or lucky guess.

When I was at Penn State drinking away my parent’s money when I should have been doing anything else, I knew I wanted to be something more than I was going to “be” when I graduated.  I got nervous and chose a major- Special Education.  Although I enjoyed portions of being an educator in a formal setting, most of it I detested.  Sometimes I wished I would get into a very small car crash on the way to work just so I wouldn’t have to go into that school.  Sad and sick.   I am aware.

One thing I knew for sure while I was slamming Long Island Iced Teas every night at the Café 210 West in Happy Valley- so many that my dentist informed me the enamel was wearing away from my teeth because of the mix- I knew I had not come close to reaching my fitness potential.  For some reason I always said in my mind- I will be super fit “when it matters most.”  Looking back on my thoughts I wish I would have shared these thoughts out loud to one of my seagulls so they could have bitch-slapped me into reality!

Do we have the ability to JUST KNOW the right time to do something?  I carefully consider that if any piece of our history was altered we would not be where we are today.   Maybe if I would have got my act together in my 20’s I would have never met my soul mate.   However, an attempt to live healthier in a few small ways today will build a foundation for inner strength in our souls and external strength in our precious bodies.

If you think the right time for making healthy decisions will be later in life, I’m asking you to reconsider.   Have the insight to know that your body is precious and needs to be nourished with care. 

Start small but start now.

The Training Link

OK.  We are in business.  Literally.

I bring you Training by Anne Peguero- I am now an International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) Certified Personal Fitness Trainer.  Many of you have contacted me via email and Facebook with questions regarding your training, how to get motivated and what to eat.   Often, I was able to give you short answers but without any kind of follow up or real investment to helping you achieve the goals you know were in your head!  Now, I’m changing all of it.  As a new military spouse and without my law enforcement career, I have devoted my time and energy to learning about training and nutrition.  I think this is going to be very similar AND extremely different from my law enforcement career!

Training for LIFE.  When I trained at Gold’s Gym in Corte Madera, California, I often worked out in the late morning before my work shift began at 2pm.  I trained with my headphones on and I didn’t want any of the criminals in the gym to talk to me.  I smiled occasionally but mostly focused hard on whatever it was I was doing.  In my mind- I was training for life- for real.  I had to be prepared physically and mentally for a fight for my life- every, single day.  Now that I am no longer faced with law enforcement encounters and I look back on my “gym attitude” at Gold’s and a variety of other gyms all over the country- I realize I was missing a HUGE part of this “training for LIFE” mentality I THOUGHT I had. 

TRAINING.  While I was so focused on winning the fight for my life on the streets of our National Parks (and don’t misunderstand, some were filled with drug addicts, woman beaters, child hurters and a variety of other real sickos)- I was missing out on the LIFE part.  Training in the gym should be about reaching balance, filling our heads and hearts with strength and rejuvenating our souls.  It’s a multifaceted process.  It’s hard.  It’s rewarding.

Although I trained with heart, I often missed out of the process of everyday life because I was so consumed with my job.  When I trained for my first Figure Competition last year, I was excited and nervous to step on stage – in shoes I just recently learned to walk in!  I expressed to my brother Paul, President of S3 Performance (find him on Facebook) that I didn’t have any expectations and I was just enjoying the experience and was gonna do my best on stage and see what happens.  Paul said something to me with intensity I have not heard from him since we were kids,  “Anne, you go out there like you are Miss Fucking America!  You walk on that stage like you own it.”  So I did.  And I took 3rdplace in my height class.  My brother helped me to link my training and my experience and my heart to find my true intentions.  I love him.

I’m currently available for online training.  I have been training a ranger in Yosemite- she lost 5.8 pounds in the first week and is gaining leaning muscle right now.  Please email me for prices

My website is under construction but you can find me on Facebook at Training by Anne Peguero.

I’m currently working on my ISSA Fitness Nutrition, Fitness Exercise Therapy, Strength Conditioning, Senior Fitness and Youth Fitness Certifications so I can better serve you with heart <3


Since 2002 I have lived in Pennsylvania, Maine, Wyoming, Tennessee, Montana then back to Wyoming, then back to Tennessee then Wyoming then Tennessee then California, Georgia then back to California, Arizona, back to California now Japan. Connections. To people. Places. Events. I’m constantly searching for connections. I mean the deep kind. The kind that make you wonder – did that just happen? The kind that make you feel like it’s a once in a lifetime deal. My intention here is to write about my friendship connections. My family and my husband may be a topic for later- but for now- I’d like to embrace the wonderful people I call friends. I had coffee last week with a new friend. We have been friends for a few months. I feel like we have known each other for years. Having coffee with her feels like sitting at a bar in Pennsylvania with some of my oldest friends. She gets me. I get her. It’s comfortable. I know immediately if I’m going to be connected to another person. Once I read about souls traveling together for years and years (like, hundreds) but these souls never had the opportunity to truely meet as equals on the earthly plane. Earthly plane- is that too much for you? Picture this. I’m a hummingbird and my best friend is a seagull. We know each other exist, we live somewhat alike, but we can not live as equals. Then, in our next life, I’m a cat and she’s a cat and we both live in the same alley. We live together, find our food, fight the bigger cats, keep each other warm. Then, in our next life we are two girls at a small Catholic school in Pennslvania. Our souls have been traveling together for years but we just now met. That’s how I feel about my true connection friends. The connections in my life have been the real deal. I have real connecitons friends from everywhere I have lived. Life is too short to spend time with people we are not connected to. Were our souls traveling together for hundreds of years? Is that why we feel so at home with some people but with others- not so much. Or does something just “click” when we meet a person and care enough to spend our free time with them, get to know their families, invest emotions and share private thoughts? Friend is a label adorned with a priceless conneciton. Recognize the value in connections. Know a good one when you see it and embrace it and love it and nurture it because it is the real deal. It is ALIVE and it’s what life is all about.