Change is Good!

Change is good.  How good?  Well, since becoming a marine spouse, resigning from my government career, moving to Okinawa and becoming a first time mom all in two year’s time- I’m here to say from experience “Change is REAL GOOD!”  I now have a beautiful husband and daughter AND work from home.  My work is so rewarding!  I get to help people realize their true potential.  I help them peel back the layers to unveil their inner beauty and fierceness!  However, this is not an easy task.  The “C” word can make ‘em or break ‘em.   Fear and apprehension of change can really F things up for a person.  I can’t even imagine my life any other way and would have none of this- NONE- if I had let anxiety over CHANGE hold me back.

Sooo, why is change such a scary thought when it comes to health and fitness?

People frequently ask me how they can get healthier, train harder and learn to eat better.  Most people want to know a quick fix, a dynamic move in the gym or a smoothie concoction that will magically put on muscle and burn fat.  When I explain that a lifestyle transformation takes time, hard work and the mindset to change past behaviors and accept new behaviors some people are not so sure they can do it.  Some hear the “C” word and begin shaking with fear.  “I have to Ch-Ch- Ch-  Chhhhange?”

Yes, with a capital friggin’ Y!!  You have to change your patterns, your routine, your behavior, your mindset in order to get results!  Even if you are somewhat on the right track but you just don’t have that edge to push yourself in a new direction- you have to change.  When you accept change and embrace new and unfamiliar circumstances you are allowing yourself to be open to the universe.  Our true selves can be hidden under layers and layers of (fat…which can come in the form of) stress, regret, task lists, deadlines or whatever flavor of delicious ice cream weighs you down.

For example, if all you do is cardio but you’re not seeing results- hire a personal trainer and learn to train with weights.  If you have been lifting heavy but are feeling unfulfilled then learn about CrossFit and how you can spice up your workouts with explosive movements.   Step outside of your comfort zone for maximum results!

My challenge to you for this season…identify your favorite flavor and try a new one.   You might be surprised by how much you like it!