Since 2002 I have lived in Pennsylvania, Maine, Wyoming, Tennessee, Montana then back to Wyoming, then back to Tennessee then Wyoming then Tennessee then California, Georgia then back to California, Arizona, back to California now Japan. Connections. To people. Places. Events. I’m constantly searching for connections. I mean the deep kind. The kind that make you wonder – did that just happen? The kind that make you feel like it’s a once in a lifetime deal. My intention here is to write about my friendship connections. My family and my husband may be a topic for later- but for now- I’d like to embrace the wonderful people I call friends. I had coffee last week with a new friend. We have been friends for a few months. I feel like we have known each other for years. Having coffee with her feels like sitting at a bar in Pennsylvania with some of my oldest friends. She gets me. I get her. It’s comfortable. I know immediately if I’m going to be connected to another person. Once I read about souls traveling together for years and years (like, hundreds) but these souls never had the opportunity to truely meet as equals on the earthly plane. Earthly plane- is that too much for you? Picture this. I’m a hummingbird and my best friend is a seagull. We know each other exist, we live somewhat alike, but we can not live as equals. Then, in our next life, I’m a cat and she’s a cat and we both live in the same alley. We live together, find our food, fight the bigger cats, keep each other warm. Then, in our next life we are two girls at a small Catholic school in Pennslvania. Our souls have been traveling together for years but we just now met. That’s how I feel about my true connection friends. The connections in my life have been the real deal. I have real connecitons friends from everywhere I have lived. Life is too short to spend time with people we are not connected to. Were our souls traveling together for hundreds of years? Is that why we feel so at home with some people but with others- not so much. Or does something just “click” when we meet a person and care enough to spend our free time with them, get to know their families, invest emotions and share private thoughts? Friend is a label adorned with a priceless conneciton. Recognize the value in connections. Know a good one when you see it and embrace it and love it and nurture it because it is the real deal. It is ALIVE and it’s what life is all about.

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WOW! I love this Anne… who knew you were such a gifted writer? I just read all your earlier posts and I am inspired to build a fort outside today with the boys! i look forward to more. Hoping I am one of your seagulls. xoxo -B

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