Insight. Or lucky guess.

When I was at Penn State drinking away my parent’s money when I should have been doing anything else, I knew I wanted to be something more than I was going to “be” when I graduated.  I got nervous and chose a major- Special Education.  Although I enjoyed portions of being an educator in a formal setting, most of it I detested.  Sometimes I wished I would get into a very small car crash on the way to work just so I wouldn’t have to go into that school.  Sad and sick.   I am aware.

One thing I knew for sure while I was slamming Long Island Iced Teas every night at the Café 210 West in Happy Valley- so many that my dentist informed me the enamel was wearing away from my teeth because of the mix- I knew I had not come close to reaching my fitness potential.  For some reason I always said in my mind- I will be super fit “when it matters most.”  Looking back on my thoughts I wish I would have shared these thoughts out loud to one of my seagulls so they could have bitch-slapped me into reality!

Do we have the ability to JUST KNOW the right time to do something?  I carefully consider that if any piece of our history was altered we would not be where we are today.   Maybe if I would have got my act together in my 20’s I would have never met my soul mate.   However, an attempt to live healthier in a few small ways today will build a foundation for inner strength in our souls and external strength in our precious bodies.

If you think the right time for making healthy decisions will be later in life, I’m asking you to reconsider.   Have the insight to know that your body is precious and needs to be nourished with care. 

Start small but start now.