Konichiwa, Hiya, What up, Holla, Hello. My name is Anne Peguero and I am now a blogger. I would like to add blogger to my list of occupations held- I will divulge that list to you in the near future. But first- you may be asking yourself… Why does this chick think we want to read crap she writes about? Well people- I have done a few things in my 37 years on this planet and have an intersting perspective I’d like to share about life, work, relationships, training (many different kinds of training) family and much more. Also, I’m at a real turning point in my life- I have felt like I was at proverbial turning point in the past…but this my friends, is the real deal. In 2003 I followed my heart, soul and sense of adventure an I joined the ranks of government employees and served my county in a very special way. I served as a National Park Service Law Enforcement Ranger. So, you ask- I dealt with campgrounds and fires and bears and stuff. That’s cool. Yes readers- I did that- but there is much more to the U.S. Park Ranger than the funny hat and antiquated green and greys. Rangers are cops. I would often describe it like this- Just like city police in the city- we are the cops in National Parks. People nodded in understanding, but I knew they didn’t get it. For eight years I traveled around the United States protecting some of the most beautiful places on earth. Then, in September 2010, I reluctantly attended my coworker’s wedding. I didn’t have a date because the guy I was seeing at the time was a complete chode (more on relationships later) and I didn’t want to attend solo. Two of my close friends encouraged me to attend solo and try to initiate a one night stand. They said it would be good for me. I met my husband at that wedding, an active duty United States Marine Corps Chief Warrant Officer. I resigned from the National Park Service and moved to Okinawa, Japan. This is where I went from being “Just one of the guys…” to- “Just one of the guys’ wives…” Which is a very unique feeling. I still feel like one of the guys on the inside, but my role has most certainly shifted. Have you found yourself feeling one thing on the inside and exhibiting something completely different on the outside? But in the end, the desired outcome was met. That’s what I’m talking about people. So, by the divestiy of my experience in the past year, the constantly changing world we live in and the need for growth and adaptation- I give you- and myself, this new blog. Teacher, lifeguard, emergency services technician, cop, firefighter, triathelete, figure competitor, military spouse. I want to share my perspective with you and grow stronger, become softer, laugh harder in 2012. Ready???

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