Meal Planning

Meals!! Planning meals and carrying them with you is so very important. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and challenging to plan when dieting.   I have found that if I have my food with me- I’m less likely to cheat and more likely to eat at scheduled times and stick to my plan.  Buy yourself a cute (or if you’re a dude- a high speed, low profile) cooler.  I use glass containers for all of my food- no plastics if I can help it.

COFFEE!!!  The essential start to my day.  We recently were gifted this Breville one cup coffee maker.  Love it.  We use our own grinds instead of purchasing the K cups.

Plant some crops!  We live right on the water so the soil is no good- we brought these planters and some starter plants- tomato, peppers, hot peppers, cucumbers, green beans and strawberries!

Protein muffin! Sometimes I like to take my breakfast to go.  I got this recipe from my coach- one part egg whites, one part cottage cheese and one part oatmeal. Add cinnamon or banana or blueberries! Can be adjusted to any macronutrient ratio you are eating.  Just do some math.

My food for the day- ready to go! 20 g of protein and 30 g of carbs in each pyrex container.

Sometimes I eat and drive.  20 g of protein and 30 g of carbs.  Chicken with Mrs. Dash seasonings, jasmine rice and broccoli.

More meals ready to go.  Chicken and rice, plus a green salad with a few little tomotoes.  I will package small salads in additional containers.  I like the green salad refreshing CRUNCH!

A few times this week my clients (who are contest dieting) have talked about bringing their prepared meals to restaurants when they were required to attend business lunches.  I say- DO IT and DO IT PROUD! – if you have to go to a restaurant, you are better off bringing your prepared meal and getting a small green salad with no dressing.  You will have to explain to some curious coworkers but it is worth it when preparing for a show.

Hope this helps you plan your meals.  What are some things you do to stay focused and on track?

2 comments on “Meal Planning

wow Annie that Coffee Maker is insane!! Im sure it is awesome too, it may be time for me to upgrade since i drink it ALOT more than I used to!

Those protein muffins, do you just play with th numbers as far as protein goes? do you use vanilla? maybe i should put this in an email?

We love this coffee maker. I am drinking way less coffee since we received this- which is a good thing because I was going a bit overboard. The coffee is just right everytime- no matter what type of bean we use.

When making the protein muffins- you have to stay within your prescribed macronutrient numbers (if you have prescribed numbers and are on a specific plan- I know YOU are Andrea- but for others who may read this…) I love to use bananas, blueberries, cinnamon, vanilla extract or plain yogurt.

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