One Picture is Worth Ten Thousand Words – Chinese Proverb

When I tell my clients they will be taking photos of themselves each week, most of them cringe with fear. They say, “Uuugh do I have to?” I respond with a resounding YES! This makes my clients quite unhappy at first, but their unhappy feelings change very, very quickly!

The reason I require weekly photo documentation is very simple, as the Chinese proverb states, “One picture is worth ten thousand words.”

Everyone wants to know WHEN they will see results. People want to know their hard work is paying off in pounds and inches. Photos show a perspective that we can’t see in the mirror. I tell my clients to photograph themselves from the front, both sides and from the back. This way, all angles are captured! After about three weeks of clean eating and a solid exercise program, I encourage my clients to look at the before photos compared to their current photos. The response I get is always packed with motivation!

When people see the progress they have made they’re always motivated to continue eating clean and to train even harder! Try it! Take some photos and take a long, hard look at yourself. Is your current program working for you? If it is, GREAT! If you see something different than you thought you were going to see, do something about it! Take your photos each week and compare.

I still pull up my photos from when I began working with a coach and training more seriously. Now, I take pictures of my growing pregnant belly each week! All of these photos tell a valuable story, one that silently speaks ten thousand words.

Originally posted on The Daily PT

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