The Training Link

OK.  We are in business.  Literally.

I bring you Training by Anne Peguero- I am now an International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) Certified Personal Fitness Trainer.  Many of you have contacted me via email and Facebook with questions regarding your training, how to get motivated and what to eat.   Often, I was able to give you short answers but without any kind of follow up or real investment to helping you achieve the goals you know were in your head!  Now, I’m changing all of it.  As a new military spouse and without my law enforcement career, I have devoted my time and energy to learning about training and nutrition.  I think this is going to be very similar AND extremely different from my law enforcement career!

Training for LIFE.  When I trained at Gold’s Gym in Corte Madera, California, I often worked out in the late morning before my work shift began at 2pm.  I trained with my headphones on and I didn’t want any of the criminals in the gym to talk to me.  I smiled occasionally but mostly focused hard on whatever it was I was doing.  In my mind- I was training for life- for real.  I had to be prepared physically and mentally for a fight for my life- every, single day.  Now that I am no longer faced with law enforcement encounters and I look back on my “gym attitude” at Gold’s and a variety of other gyms all over the country- I realize I was missing a HUGE part of this “training for LIFE” mentality I THOUGHT I had. 

TRAINING.  While I was so focused on winning the fight for my life on the streets of our National Parks (and don’t misunderstand, some were filled with drug addicts, woman beaters, child hurters and a variety of other real sickos)- I was missing out on the LIFE part.  Training in the gym should be about reaching balance, filling our heads and hearts with strength and rejuvenating our souls.  It’s a multifaceted process.  It’s hard.  It’s rewarding.

Although I trained with heart, I often missed out of the process of everyday life because I was so consumed with my job.  When I trained for my first Figure Competition last year, I was excited and nervous to step on stage – in shoes I just recently learned to walk in!  I expressed to my brother Paul, President of S3 Performance (find him on Facebook) that I didn’t have any expectations and I was just enjoying the experience and was gonna do my best on stage and see what happens.  Paul said something to me with intensity I have not heard from him since we were kids,  “Anne, you go out there like you are Miss Fucking America!  You walk on that stage like you own it.”  So I did.  And I took 3rdplace in my height class.  My brother helped me to link my training and my experience and my heart to find my true intentions.  I love him.

I’m currently available for online training.  I have been training a ranger in Yosemite- she lost 5.8 pounds in the first week and is gaining leaning muscle right now.  Please email me for prices

My website is under construction but you can find me on Facebook at Training by Anne Peguero.

I’m currently working on my ISSA Fitness Nutrition, Fitness Exercise Therapy, Strength Conditioning, Senior Fitness and Youth Fitness Certifications so I can better serve you with heart <3