Hi! I'm Annie Peguero

I empower purposeful moms to become more intentional with their time & energy, so that they can consistently CRUSH their lifestyle goals through my creative coaching programs.

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Annie Peguero is a military spouse mom who LOVES helping other AMBITIOUS MOMS LIVE your dreams -- guilt free!

You don’t need to feel guilt and shame and have NO TIME for yourself because you’re constantly serving everyone else.

It IS possible to create a simple healthy lifestyle without sacrificing time and fun with your family!

Through Annie's creative & flexible programs you'll gain more confidence in your lifestyle choices, feel more JOY in your life and have more TIME with your family doing the things you LOVE!


I’ll help you look inward to find your heart’s desires, discover why you have been blocking freedom and joy and help you overcome obstacles to finally BE YOUR FREE.

Send me a message now so we can get to know each other.

I’m no stranger to obstacles. Read my blog to learn more about my journey and my daily adventures in LIVING FREE that will help you discover yours freedom.

Contact me today to BE the freedom you have wanted for so long! You are beautiful and important!


I help people go from negative self talk and self-induced limitations to feeling energized, sexy, confident and FREE! I’ll help you strengthen your mindset through personal development guided meditations, daily affirmations, and fitness and nutrition.

I’m a health and wellness coach and I KNOW that FREEDOM is achieved by focusing on the WHOLE PERSON not just exercise and nutrition.

For me it’s NOT about deprivation, quick fixes or a magic pill. It’s all about enjoyment and FREEDOM.

"Annie is my moral compass. Not because I share 100% of her beliefs; but rather, because she loves and empowers everyone to be the best person they can be (and be that person loudly!) no matter theirs. She has been there for me at my best and at my worst. She has told me to buck up and get over it when I needed a dose of reality and showed up on her Harley to whisk me away when I needed a hero. So no matter who you are or what you believe, if you want to be strong, mentally and physically, and want help from someone who doesn't see people as a set of personal and political viewpoints. Who truly just wants the best for others. Whatever that might be (barring illegal, physically or emotionally harmful activity... sorry I had to throw a dose of reality in there!) than you should talk with Annie and see if she is who you have been looking for."

Lindsey H.
Business Badass, Mom, Former Park Ranger

"Annie is whole hearted kindness in all ways. She will stretch a hand out to anyone who needs help."

Kim C.

"Annie is a refreshing combination of compassionate, earthy momma and disciplined leader/coach. Her approach to holistic wellness for body, mind, and soul has helped me open a new chapter in my life. I can't recommend her enough."

Laura D.
Stay at home mom, Manages important things

"Annie is one of those light worker inspiring people that are so rare to come across. I have photographed her and her family numerous times and it was always a pleasure. Annie started as my photo client but became a friend - because she rocks - and also a mentor. We can lift each other up and celebrate moments in life. I know she empowers people everyday, in many different ways x"

Pamela O.
Photographer, Charleston, SC

"To be honest I did not want to open up about my faults. I was ashamed at first to share them. I almost wanted to delete it all. After day 3, I realized that we all have faults and some were similar. We are all human and women. After finishing everything I realized how simple it is to start working on what makes me ashamed. & writing it all out really dumbed it down for me. Thank you!"

Samantha K.
Stay at home mom, Military Spouse

" At the start, I felt like I had a fixed mindset. Since I’ve been unsuccessful in really working on the things I want to improve, I might as well stop trying. After the 5 days, I realize everyone struggles with something, and it is okay to take time to make changes."

Colleen P.

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Cyndilu M.
Performance Artist and Encouraging Speaker

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