Hey Service Based Business Owners


💰 Discover strategies to package, promote and sell your $1,000 - $3,000 offer even if that sounds scary as heck and you have no idea how to make that happen. 

Hi! I'm Annie

I help service-based business owners trade in burnout and self-doubt for CHARGE YOUR WORTH abundance and clients who rave about you!

Ever feel like all of this hand sanitizer is washing away your truth?!

Get Aligned

Create a work-from-home business that brings you the freedom, wealth, and fulfillment you've been craving.  Say goodbye to overwhelm and people pleasing. 

BE Your Badassery

YOU are whole just as you are. Prickly, angry, messy and perfect.   I'm here to guide you to bring it ALL to the surface.  No more muting and saying "I'm fine, it's fine."  It's OK to blend your not-fine-ness into your life and business.

Create Your Dream Business

Instead of trying to fit into the masses of somebody else's blueprint CHARGE YOUR WORTH & do what you friggin want! I'm here to guide you.

Hey Service Based Business Owners!

2022 is YOUR year to explode profits in your service-based business. Discover strategies to package, promote and sell your $1,000 - $3,000 offer even if that sounds scary as heck and you have no idea how to make that happen.

My coaching style is all about your brain!  Learn to ask yourself better questions to reveal your inner badass so you can serve and shine through self-discovery, on-going healing, and ACTION.

Through my custom success coaching...

Never feel like you have to fit in- ever, ever again.  YOU ARE ENOUGH I'm just here to help you bring your badass enough-ness to the surface.

Create a custom-designed life (and business or career) based on your vision of holism and success.

Break the cycle of generational trauma so your kids will see their light and live their truth because of your choices.

"My first Oracle Reading with Annie was as informative as it was fun! I loved that the reading was for biz oriented professionals and the intentions and aspirations were discussed prior to the cards being picked. Even though we were a half a world away, it felt like we were just chatting in a coffee shop. We talked through every single step and I came to some amazing realizations that I have almost forgotten about!! Thank you for helping me remember what’s important and aligning what is the best for me to focus on. I highly recommend!!"

Elena Jochum
Graphic Designer & Artist

"I had a card reading along with distance reiki over zoom with Annie and let me start out by saying it was 100% above and beyond what I expected. She was spot on with everything! I was super nervous about the reiki because I’ve never had it done before, but felt absolutely amazing after. I feel very aligned and more in tune with myself and the direction of my business. Annie has a knack for knowing exactly what you need to hear in order to give you that extra push. I’m am learning and enjoying all of her content in the Unstucked group. If you are on the fence about joining the group , just do it....you won’t be disappointed, in fact your getting more than you bargain for. I look forward to working more with Annie & having another reiki session again in the future. "

Kristen Baeza
Make Up Artist

"If anyone has a chance to sit with Annie Peguero, virtual or otherwise, you simply must do it!! I received so much valuable information and she made me feel so comfortable and confident about myself. No matter what you are searching for Annie can definitely help you in your venture and she will do it with compassion and because she really wants to help. A million times thank you!!"

Bobbi Silver

"Love listening to Annie on my morning walks!!! Annie has a way a authentic way of speaking her heart and making connections and sharing information, ideas and encouragement that can help anyone reach their goals in business and in life."

Mary Breshike

"Annie brings her positive energy and great passion to her mission of helping military spouses launch location-irrelevant online services or products and I have learned so much from working with her! "

Emily Brandon
Global Connector

"Working with Annie Peguero has finally given me the extra little push I needed to take action and get my coaching business off the ground. They say everything is about timing and I’ve had these ideas for a long time, and I’m finally taking action and making them happen. I will be doing my very first goal setting workshop this month and it’s something I’ve had in my mind for months without any action taken. Thank you Annie for taking the things that would paralyze me, and making them into doable steps. I still get nervous, but the difference is that now I’m doing it anyway. As I serve my last five active duty years, I am confident that by the time I am ready to transition to the civilian life, I’ll be running my own business, doing what I love. I’ll be able to do this from anywhere around the schedule of my kids and my family. ❤️"

Nancy Sanchez

"Thank you Annie for introducing to Profit Where You’re Planted. Annie can help military wife creating job!! I taught I was sign up for just course videos but it wasn’t. Annie interacted with me and all the members in course to helping each other. So we are able to grow together and encourage each other. Thank you so much for bring out the idea that I will never think about. Thank you for showing me how I can serve people with what I already had and enjoying doing. I never will able to start teaching Japanese or even think to start online Japanese lesson if I didn’t met Annie!!! Because Annie I am able to start teaching online FUN Japanese lesson with Cooking. This is what I am able to do because Annie! "

Hiroko Reed

"This lady lives her truth every day. ❤️"

Polly Giardina

"A little over a year ago I was frustrated, frumpy, irritable and the tension in my home between not just me and my hubby but also my kiddos was so palpable. I was tired of feeling out of control, overwhelmed, and well tired. It was only after becoming apart of the this amazing Freedom Society that I realized I had stopped putting myself first and it was affecting my entire family. This group helped me find my passion, my voice, and my sanity so I could become the best mom to my wonderful boys and be a better wife. It taught me the art of balancing my trinity and gave me the community support I not only yearned for but needed!"

Emily Giardina

"I met Annie casually on a beach with my family and shortly there after we started to talk. After then I had started working out with Annie I realized that she was the exact motivation I needed to help me lose weight. Guiding me with nutrition plans and workouts that work well for me without hurting my body and the best service, hands down, is how she can make you feel comfortable no matter your size or shape. If you have a goal she will help you obtain it."

Jessica Worthey

"I love Annie's realness - she owns that life isn't always rainbows and unicorns - but she rocks it her way anyway!"

Jenn Parrish

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