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Evolve On Purpose is your solution to business overwhelm & feeling stuck

Katie Bock and Annie Peguero are teaming up for a one-day retreat themed EVOLVE On Purpose™.  

Did you know it's totally normal to have energetic "blocks" in your Chakra system preventing you from accessing your full creative genius and preventing your business from operating at your highest level?


Yup. It's true. and the biggest kicker of it all...


You don't even REALIZE you're blocked.


If you come to my one day mindfulness retreat we will help you get unblocked so you can move into your future with clarity, confidence, and courage.

At our one day retreat you will spend your morning doing yoga, meditating, and connecting with yourself as well as other entrepreneurs around you. Then in the afternoon, we will move to focus on our businesses and how we can attract the success we know we deserve!

Saturday, November 13


At the Rowan Tree in Reston, Virginia


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Spots are super limited 

Maybe you already have a business or a hobby that lights you up.  Maybe you’ve just had a tickling of an idea. Or maybe you have a solid plan that you’ve been sitting on for years. No matter where you are in your creative endeavor, this one-day retreat is designed to inspire and propel you to the next step to EVOLVE On Purpose™.  

What to expect in the abundant morning at EVOLVE

  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Chakra & Energy Clearing 
  • Anchoring your business activities with your vision and values

Afternoon activities & magic at EVOLVE

  • EFT [tapping] for enhanced creativity
  • Using your intuition to gain clarity and take action
  • Create a plan of ULTIMATE ACTION on the spot! 

Evolve On Purpose One Day Retreat with Katie & Annie is for YOU if:

  • You have had an idea or many but just don’t know what to do with it.  How do you bring it to life?
  • You feel stuck more than motivated about your life or your business.
  • You have so many ideas and are feeling blocked on how to execute them and scale your business.
  • You’ve taken a training, or two or three, you might even hold several degrees and are trying to figure out what to do with them.
  • Looking for other inspiring Creatives to help support and nudge you off your bootie.
  • You are ready to turn your inner monologue of criticism, doubt, and fear into positive life-affirming action steps.
  • You believe it’s possible to live with purpose and get paid for sharing valuable work in the world. 


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