Imagine creating something so aligned with your soul...

that helps people and brings in actual money!


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Creating a work at home business can feel overwhelming... 

Where would you even begin? 

My passion is helping you bring your special gifts to the surface so you can impact the world with your genius.


Creating an original online product from your heart and passions is SO FULFILLING 

Go at your own pace through Annie Peguero's signature program Profit Where You're Planted™ & you will:

» Learn how to actually earn money with your new product or service online, anywhere in the world
» Seamlessly move globally while running your business from your smartphone
» Learn how to grow your audience and online brand using social media without being attached to your phone 24/7
» Create a digital product using your genius, heart centered gifts that also reach a ton of the exact people who need you 
» Never stress about your business because you have the systems in place for success!
»Spend MORE time doing the things you LOVE the MOST in life!

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ENROLL In Profit Where You're Planted Today!

Who is Annie Peguero?

I am relentless in my pursuit to reach that one person who needs help to bring her special gifts to the surface so she can impact the world.

I help people ELEVATE their lives.

When I first married my marine and became a military spouse, I resigned from my secure job, secure income...I left everything behind that I worked so hard for and went to school for so many years support my husband.   I felt like I had dreams and so many unique skills and talents that were being wasted!  I wanted to contribute to the finances of our family but wasn’t sure where to start and how to get my ideas out of my head and into action.

In my 8 years as a military spouse I’ve met hundreds of women who feel the same way and who wish and want to be able to create something that moves with them each time the military moves their family.

For many years in my life I kept my unique gifts and passions covered up with self doubt and limiting beliefs because of my own adoption story.  In 2017 I used Facebook live video to find answers to my own life story and through releasing my fear of the unknown I was able to gain confidence, use my own voice and bring my special gifts to the surface.  

We all have unique passions and I'm here to help you discover how you can impact the world!

THIS is your chance to make your ideas come to life and start earning money from home ON YOUR TERMS DOING WHAT YOU LOVE!

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"I learned that perfection isn't all that is has to be and that just being yourself is what really matters. Feel so much more comfortable in my own skin when I'm on live video and the support of being in a community of fellow entrepreneurs is wonderful."

Mary Breshike
SeaRabbit Art & Aerial Studio

"From going through Profit Where You're Planted I learned that I have SO MUCH MORE TO OFFER than what the cookie cutter MLM models have shown us. This class will blow your socks off because it totally has blown mine off! I learned how to reach people that have common beliefs as me and who will find what I have to give them interesting! I have so much knowledge to share. I have a completely unique gift that I can give other people."

Michelle Hager
Holistic Wellness & Essential Oils Mama

"8 weeks ago I only wanted to know how to use Instagram but Profit Where You're Planted has helped me to think about WHO I am and WHO I CAN SERVE! I have so much more confidence and if it wasn't for Annie's help I would not be thinking about being on camera and offering this course I am creating and doing this. Thank you so much Annie for teaching me how to serve others with confidence."

Hiroko Reed
Japanese with Hiroko and Nail Fashion

"I learned how to do the things even when it feels a little scary! Having the commitment and the accountability of the group has been very helpful for me. I went from a grand idea to actually getting ready to launch something brand new!"

Emily Brandon
Global Connector

All of THIS is waiting for you inside of Profit Where You're Planted!

In the Welcome Module you'll learn:

  • All about HOW to navigate the training portal and get the most out of the Facebook community group.
  • How to use the Moon Cycles to super charge your business and life!


Module 1 Let's Get Started!  In the first module you will:

  • You'll picture what it looks and feels like to have your BIG DREAMS & Goals come TRUE!
  • You'll learn about getting uncomfortable and how minor setbacks aren't failures at all! They can FUEL YOU!
  • Identify the specific behaviors that earn you cash dollars and how to do more of them and less of what does not.
  • Step by step HOW to create a Facebook business page and events to showcase your ideas, offers & services without complex tech or software
  • Establish your Instagram business account and link it to your Facebook.  Time to get PROFESSIONAL!
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You have amazing GENIUS GIFTS that will have a huge impact on the world and for your family! It's time to get them out of your head and into the hands of people who need you!

Module 2 Live Video

You may be saying - Oh heck no- to Live Video now but with some coaching and guidance you'll learn how to genuinely and uniquely reach your online audience (who you may not even realize exists!) using LIVE video.  You'll learn:

  • Why Live Video is SO IMPORTANT to building trust, your brand and sharing your unique ideas 
  • Specifics on very simple equipment to look and feel your best on camera
  • What to do BEFORE you go Live so that you can deliver your message with confidence and ease
  • How to lean INTO the discomfort and sweating that inevitably happens when you push that GO LIVE button
  • What to do AFTER you go live and how to keep going to serve your audience and share your genius with them


Module 3 Building Your Audience

It doesn't matter one bit if you don't have an email list or a following on social media!  PWYP has got your back! Inside you'll learn simple steps to:

  • Build an email list so you can more intimately communicate with the people who need to hear your message most
  • Share your product or service with the world in a "low maintenance" way without complexity or confusion
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Creating a unique passion driven business is hands-down the most lucrative, flexible and fulfilling way to earn an income from home!

Module 4 Building Your Product From Your Passion

Let's get this thing BUILT and into the hands of those who need it most!  In this module you'll build your product or services and:

  • Identify your passions and the things that really light you on FIYA!  This is where the legit magic happens when you STAY HERE and do what lights you UP- that's when you're audience and those you help will be LIT UP too!
  • Craft your signature statement so you can quickly and easily share EXACTLY what you in about 2 minutes or less
  • Learn about and decide what type of product to create- then CREATE IT!
  • AHHH YEAH LET'S GET YOU PAID!  Learn the different options for collecting payments from your eager new customers!
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Live Call Recordings and Bonuses!

In this section you'll have access to:

  • All Live recordings from inside of the Facebook group
  • BONUS calls and trainings from Special Guest Experts
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You don't need to do this alone or spend a fortune creating your dream business.  Profit Where You're Planted™ has proven steps to help you reach your goals faster and easier and have WAY MORE FUN doing it!



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