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We've blended mindset and personal growth with natural wellness & fitness, energy work, astrology and creativity to bring you a truly holistic approach to life!

Have you found yourself...

☀️Muting your voice and hiding your truth.

☀️Compartmentalizing the main pillars of your life.

☀️Feeling like one area of your life is great and another just sucks. 

☀️You're scouring the internet trying to get holistic help and it's exhausting.


You're not alone. Meet your teachers inside  Sol Life Collective.

Rini York

Rini is an Astrologer, hearer, guide, acupuncturist, Asian medicine

Elena Jochum

Elena is a Graphic designer & artist

Katie Bock

Katie is a Spiritual Guide & Mindset Coach, Yoga, Meditation, Energy Healing, Yoga Teacher Trainer

Dr. Alyx Barnett

Dr. Alyx is a Naturopathic PhD, Doula, Nutrition & Sports Performance Coach, Trail & Ultra Race Director

Annie Peguero

Annie is a holistic success coach trained in neuro-linguistic programming, tapping and hypnosis.

Akal Khalsa

Akal is a Registered Nurse, Childbirth Educator, Pregnancy Yoga Instructor, Kundalini Yoga instructor, Spirit Baby Yoga Instructor

Sol Collective Is For YOU!

Sisters Over Limits Collective is for you if you're ready to ADVENTURE with your self-doubt, fear & imposter syndrome and dive into creating the life you've been dreaming of creating.

Join me in a curated members community filled with guidance, resources and accountability to help you blow past limiting beliefs and take REAL action.

Sol Life Collective is the monthly member's space where a panel of holistic teachers provide ambitious women with the spiritual tools and ongoing support they need to build the Soul-Aligned life (and business/career) of their dreams!  Nothing in your life should exist in a bubble.  No more scouring the interwebs for how to create ease in all of the different areas of your life.  This is ONE PLACE for your holistic lifestyle, moon rituals, wellness guidance, business tools, astrology, yoga and creativity to help you transform from stuck and uncertain to CONFIDENT and a badass woman who created freedom and abundance from nothing more than an idea.  I was you.  I am you!

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Bobbi Silver

"A million times thank you!!!"

If anyone has a chance to sit with Annie Peguero (in Sol Life Collective), virtual or otherwise, you simply must do it!! I received so much valuable information and she made me feel so comfortable and confident about myself. No matter what you are searching for Annie can definitely help you in your venture and she will do it with compassion and because she really wants to help. A million times thank you!!

What's Inside The Membership

Unlimited Training

Access to Annie's Signature Vault of more than 75 bite-sized videos and teachings to help guide you on your self-doubt adventure toward business & career success.


Sacred Community

Our Private Facebook Community is a sacred space of love, support and a hub for creating clarity.  It's your go-to group of soul sisters that will cheer you on, offer advice, and provide accountability at every step of your journey.

Monthly Rituals

This is where we take REAL action! Monthly live trainings at the Full & New Moon to help you embrace fear, doubt, growth, and shifts as you work through the vault and build your business.  PLUS expert guest speakers! 

Inside this Members-Only Community you'll receive...


✅ The tools you need to overcome limiting beliefs and seamlessly take action.

✅ A curated community of ambitious soul-driven women to cheer you on at every step.

✅  Expert-led rituals and readings to help you smash past your self doubt roadblocks. 

✅ Monthly checkpoints for goal setting and accountability (aka. REAL progress)

✅  A safe space to get vulnerable and share obstacles so you can take serious action in your business.

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Hey there, I'm Annie!

I'm a High-Performance Mindset Coach skilled in neuro-linguistic programming coaching techniques, hypnosis and emotional freedom technique (tapping) helping moms over 40 grow their business and create a holistic lifestyle.

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Your business life and spiritual life were never meant to be separated... it's time to align!



Expert guidance to align your goals and action seamlessly with moon cycles for maximum productivity.


LIVE individual Oracle Card Readings for your business questions and roadblocks.


Harness the power of crystals and use them daily to get and stay aligned and out of doubt


Weekly journaling prompts to help you dive deep into limiting beliefs


Guided Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping) sessions for transformational mindset shifts.

Let's Do This!

It's time to take action and move beyond your doubt!

As a Sol Collective member, you'll transform from feeling overwhlemed, full of doubt, fearing judgement and wishing and waitin gfor the perfect time...

To a badass mama who takes ACTION, feels confident and unstoppable!

"Beautiful things will happen for you on the other side of self doubt ." - Annie Peguero

AS A Sol Collective MEMBER YOU GET:


✨ The Sol Collective Vault ($200/month Value)
Access to more than 50 valuable recorded trainings, guided meditations and exclusive workshops from Annie to take your business to the next level

✨ Live Monthly Rituals ($200/month Value)
Blow past roadblocks and limiting beliefs with monthly group Full & New Moon Rituals that will teach you the art of using spiritual tools to grow your business, recharge your energy and help you to allow your full creativity to flow..

✨ MEMBERS GROUP ACCESS ($400/ Month Value)
Daily support and guidance from Annie and your personal tribe of Soul Sisters to walk you past fear as you create your soul-aligned business.


$800 Value in Lifetyle & Spiritual support each month for just $111 seasonally


Is Sol Collective right for ME?!

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