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Annie Peguero

Hi, I'm Annie Peguero

Founder of Sōl Life


This is my Story

*super short version...this page is under construction :)


I am Annie Peguero, a Success Coach & Founder of the Sōl Life™ movement & coaching, host of the Adventures with Annie Peguero Podcast, military spouse, and mother of daughters. I help humans develop mental strength and connect their personal stories and experience to their work and lives using mindset strategies and actions that embrace awareness, ownership, and resiliency.

Sōl Life is the culmination of the last 22 years of my life’s work across many different fields: Special Education, Law Enforcement & Emergency Services, Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching, Competition Prep Coaching, Wellness, Spiritual Guidance, Personal Development, Business Creation & Strategy, Hypnosis and Mindset Coaching- the last 11 of which I’ve spent helping women unstuck themselves.

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