A Whole-istic approach to help you move from self doubt to freedom

I'm here to tell you that you can learn to understand your self-doubt and how to keep it from holding you back.


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Inside Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt Membership you will:

Have a community to help you readily access your inner dreamer and show her how to go for it!!!

  • No more sitting on the sidelines.
  • No more wanting to live your purpose but feeling guilty because you are taking care of others.
  • This is a great space for entrepreneurs and those who want to create a business!

Facing the fear and finding a way to make it an adventurous experience to live your dreams instead of a process where self-development feels like “work”.

This membership has the tools and community to make shi*t happen!

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Bite-sized videos and teachings to help guide you on your self-doubt adventure to clarity for business & career success.

The Community

Our Private Facebook Community is a sacred space of love, support and a hub for creating clarity through ritual and workshops.

Rituals & Workshops

Monthly offerings at the Full & New Moon to help you embrace fear, doubt, growth, and shifts.  Plus expert guest speakers.

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Inside the Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt Community you'll find support,  resources and it's a place of growth, learning, healing and love. Embracing your self-doubt instead of pushing it down, feeling bad about it, and letting it overwhelm and paralyze you will lead to amazing abundance, joy and break generational patterns of struggles in self-worth.

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I want this life for you! 

I’ve devoted 25 years of my own life to get the training and experience to have tools and methods that can transform self-doubt into MAGIC that helps you go from stuck to shine in life and your career or business.

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