Fear and anxiety as a gift

Incredible anxiety stopped me in my tracks in 2018...

11 years ago I started my online business from scratch when I resigned from my government job to marry my marine and move across the globe.   To say I lost my identity when I walked away from that job was an understatement.  I was. so. lost. 


I remember looking for help to get my new, online business started.  I was so overwhelmed.  Business coaches were so expensive!  It just seemed like there was so much noise and everyone had a "blueprint" they wanted to give me and then got pissed if I didn't follow their advice exactly! 


I wanted to add my own creativity to my coaching business.

I also needed to allow myself space and time to heal from past trauma and my from my previous career.  


How could a business coach help me with everything I needed?  


Right...they couldn't.  But I sure as hell spent over $40K...

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IN the Moment With my Dad

Today’s episode of Adventures with Annie Peguero is a very special and SURPRISING one!
Listen as I interview my father, Fiore Leone. My Dad was born in 1933 to Italian immigrants in Erie, Pennsylvania.
CLICK HERE to listen.
In this episode, my dad talks about "always searching for more- something I've never heard him say before- I realized I have done this too and my guess is you have also. It's normal- there's nothing wrong with us! This is a reminder that everything is always working out for you.
He shares the challenges, struggles and victories of growing up in the 30s and 40s and the decisions he made that lead to a lifelong career helping communities and people as an elected official in Pennsylvania.
He shares the difficulties of seeing his friends choose differently and end up in prison.
I’m honored to share my father with you.
Episode 67 of Adventures with Annie Peguero is up now in all the podcast places and at Annie...
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Living On Island Time

You might be thinking it's impossible for you to find 4 minutes of stillness in your life.  Trust me, I felt the same way.  I want to show you how just a few minutes of intentional nothingness will bring peace and joy to you.

Why Island Time?

Well, that's easy.  After spending 7.5 years on a teeny tiny island in Far East Asia and studying the art and benefits of stillness from local elders, my own observations, and healers of many different Eastern modalities, I found a serious contrast in lifestyle when we moved back to the states in 2020.

I'm sure you can imagine!


Here in the US, it's common to:

  • Talk about how busy you are
  • Have minimal time and energy 
  • Try out restrictive diets hoping for the best
  • Exercise with an "all or nothing" mentality
  • Roller coaster yourself from feeling healthy to overwhelmed


I've been back in the gym after a super long break and it feels amazing to have a new and refreshed outlook on exercise.  When...

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Steven Tyler kissed my cheek in Yellowstone National Park


I was going to title this blog post Back In The Saddle Again and all I could think about was how Steven Tyler kissed my cheek so I'm calling it that.

I'll get back to that in a minute...

Over the past few days I have biked every day and it feels like being REBORN.

I'm not sure if you know this about me but I was obsessed OB SESSED with mountain biking for many years.  I rode all over Montana, Utah, Pennsylvania, Maine, Tennessee, Arizona and Northern California.  Those were good days.  I miss that challenging single track where going over the bars and having a clipless moment was a happening on the reg.

But those days are long gone and I have some cell phone selfies somewhere- OH one DID pop up in my Facebook memories today...I'll have to go find that.

Last year at the REI garage sale we bought an older haul behind Thule trailer.  It's been just sitting collecting dust.  I didn't even bring a bike with us to Okinawa- I still have my 2003 Titus Racer X and...

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On Gratitude

Sometimes when you pull a weed out of your garden it comes out very easily and sometimes you have to get a big shovel and work really hard to pull it out. That’s what it’s like on this road of emotional healing and self-improvement.

Do you keep a gratitude journal?

I didn’t think I needed to keep one but my lack of gratitude for the little things is that big, tough weed that I pull out but it keeps on coming back! Well today I decided to pull out the BIG GUNS or I guess I mean- big shovel or I might even get all UN Crunchy and use some pesticide on this beeeeaaattch…

I’ve been working on meditating. Today I brought my meditation guide to the beach. It’s not easy to read at the beach in a foreign country with 2 small children and we were right next to a very unforgiving death trap of a sea— so needless to say- I wasn’t doing much reading nor was it my intention to BUT I did plan on doing some meditation while sitting and playing like I...

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How I Found My Birth Family Through a Live Video on Facebook

On January 22, 2017 my life changed forever. I’m adopted I’ve always known I was adopted my birthparents told me at a very young age so I don’t ever remember not knowing. It was always something that I carried so much shame about. The fact that I wasn’t from my parents hurt me so bad I felt like an outsider like I was different like I didn’t belong even though my parents and my family are the most loving and warm people. I have had an amazing life with so much love and joy but the problem has always been inside of me. I’ve been blocking joy for all of my 42 years. Something good would happen in my life and then I would immediately flash to feelings of inadequacy and not belonging. I didn’t talk about being adopted very often just in the last few years I really started to speak up more.

I remember when I was in high school a family friend was also adopted she wrote an article that was published in our local paper and I thought oh my gosh I...

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