Changing lives with chicken nuggets


As I'm writing this we're living on Okinawa, Japan and most of the world is neck deep in the COVID-19 pandemic.  It's a strange time on our planet and the one thing I've been able to do to keep some consistency for our little family and our little island life is keep cooking dinner.

and keep on cooking...

and keep on cooking...

Is it just me or do these people eat a TON!?  I feel like we're going through food so quickly and we are throwing out way less.  We're also eating healthier too!  Which is nice. Plus more dinners, lunches and breakies at the table.  Sooooo much togetherness 🥰

If you're following me on the Gram you've seen my food pics there (I'm @anniepeguero_) in my Stories almost daily.  I used to scour Pinterest and get so frustrated because I'd rather whip up something based on flavors but really needed a guide and the recipes I found were always so friggin complicated.

And then I found Your Dinner Is Planned.

Your Dinner Is Planned is a recipe membership created by a brilliant young woman named Jasmine Shea.  You can find her on Instagram at @jazzythings and also follow the @YourDinnerIsPlanned account.

Inside of Your Dinner Is Planned there 5 new, simple, delicious and adaptable recipes unlocked for members!  It's off the hook amazing.  You can put your own twist on things THIS IS THE PART I LOVE.  Jasmine creates and tests the recipes herself and really wants you to use her recipes as a guide.  Most of the time I follow the recipe but every now and then I can't get an ingredient here on our tiny island and have to adapt- or I prefer a certain flour to one that the recipe recommends.  Your Dinner Is Planned saves me so much time, money and now my family actually eats the things I make for dinner and we never get bored.

Your Dinner Is Planned has brought our family together at the dinner table during this pandemic about 100% more than if I was left to find my own dinner recipes and I'm so very grateful.

Tonight I made chicken nuggets which is our daughters' fave for sure.  This recipe is from Week 3 Day 3 of Your Dinner Is Planned.

I recommend Your Dinner Is Planned a zillion times. You'll find my affiliate links to join the membership here in my post.  

Can't wait to see what you make and how it brings your family together like it does ours.





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