Fear and anxiety as a gift

anxiety brain based coach comfort zone fear military spouse successcoach Mar 28, 2022

Incredible anxiety stopped me in my tracks in 2018...

11 years ago I started my online business from scratch when I resigned from my government job to marry my marine and move across the globe.   To say I lost my identity when I walked away from that job was an understatement.  I was. so. lost. 


I remember looking for help to get my new, online business started.  I was so overwhelmed.  Business coaches were so expensive!  It just seemed like there was so much noise and everyone had a "blueprint" they wanted to give me and then got pissed if I didn't follow their advice exactly! 


I wanted to add my own creativity to my coaching business.

I also needed to allow myself space and time to heal from past trauma and my from my previous career.  


How could a business coach help me with everything I needed?  


Right...they couldn't.  But I sure as hell spent over $40K searching for the system or blueprint that I could follow to help me reach people with my own coaching programs.


Fast forward to 2018 when I had a complete MFn breakdown.  Each of my limbs went numb one by one.  My neck, eyelids, and lips were twitching almost non-stop all day.  I couldn't figure out what was happening.  I found some peace by sitting on the beach in Okinawa (where we were stationed for the 2nd time) and breathing deep, clearing my energy and allowing myself to feel EVERYTHING I was feeling.


Instead of shifting my attention away from feeling like crap, I stayed IN it.  Noticed my breath.  Noticed my triggers.  Asked myself better questions and stopped listening to the advice of everyone else.


All of the answers were inside of me.


I deepened my coaching skills and knowledge with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), hypnosis, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT Tapping) and found so much joy in the healing process and my own Success Coaching business.


Everything started to fall into place when I began to trust my own intuition, my special gifts of leading & coaching, and used my voice and skills to help others do exactly what I did- 


Start a business from scratch while healing and allowing myself to grow through expanding and enhancing my own life and the lives of those who choose to work with me.


You have everything you need inside of you- I'm here to help you to bring it to the surface in a way that heals and expands your life and your business.




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