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You might be thinking it's impossible for you to find 4 minutes of stillness in your life.  Trust me, I felt the same way.  I want to show you how just a few minutes of intentional nothingness will bring peace and joy to you.

Why Island Time?

Well, that's easy.  After spending 7.5 years on a teeny tiny island in Far East Asia and studying the art and benefits of stillness from local elders, my own observations, and healers of many different Eastern modalities, I found a serious contrast in lifestyle when we moved back to the states in 2020.

I'm sure you can imagine!


Here in the US, it's common to:

  • Talk about how busy you are
  • Have minimal time and energy 
  • Try out restrictive diets hoping for the best
  • Exercise with an "all or nothing" mentality
  • Roller coaster yourself from feeling healthy to overwhelmed


I've been back in the gym after a super long break and it feels amazing to have a new and refreshed outlook on exercise.  When visiting Asian Medicine healers for different physical pains and ailments their suggestion for me was to "be still and do nothing".


Before implementing "island time" into my life I was rushing myself and my family around most days.  My workouts were so die-hard and intense I became incredibly burnt out with possible adrenal fatigue.  The whole "never miss a Monday" mentality is dangerous and perpetuates the "I'm so busy" way of life.

Slowing down didn't feel comfortable.

And in my many years of personal development, I knew that discomfort meant growth.  So I stuck with it.


What happened was unexpected.

  • I had a fresh and rejuvenated outlook on moving my body.
  • I felt empowered instead of restricted by my food choices.
  • Honoring my values became a thing instead of just words and time management was no longer a concern.
  • When people around me talk about how busy they are and how busy I must be, it feels really good to share that I have plenty of time to spend on everything that matters to me.


After listening to episode 81 you will see the amazing benefits of spending a few intentional minutes in stillness. 

I created a wellness challenge for you that will help you feel rejuvenated and refreshed with a new outlook on the activities that fill your days.


The Island Time Wellness Challenge™ is 5 weeks & begins on the weekend of the full moon April 17 and ends after the next full moon the week of May 16.

Here are some specifics about the Island Time Wellness Challenge™

  • Custom-designed program (by me and other fitness experts) 
  • Quick, modifiable workouts 
  • Create an EASE mindset
  • Nutrition strategies for real life
  • Simple UN-recipes 
  • Build sustainable wellness 



I'm so happy to make this wellness come back and share my love of living on Island Time with you.

Be sure to click reply with any questions.


Enjoy Episode 81

Your Success Coach,

Annie Peguero


CLICK HERE to listen to Episode 81

CLICK HERE to say YES to movement and no to being busy all the time and join us in the Island Time Wellness Challenge

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