Steven Tyler kissed my cheek in Yellowstone National Park


I was going to title this blog post Back In The Saddle Again and all I could think about was how Steven Tyler kissed my cheek so I'm calling it that.

I'll get back to that in a minute...

Over the past few days I have biked every day and it feels like being REBORN.

I'm not sure if you know this about me but I was obsessed OB SESSED with mountain biking for many years.  I rode all over Montana, Utah, Pennsylvania, Maine, Tennessee, Arizona and Northern California.  Those were good days.  I miss that challenging single track where going over the bars and having a clipless moment was a happening on the reg.

But those days are long gone and I have some cell phone selfies somewhere- OH one DID pop up in my Facebook memories today...I'll have to go find that.

Last year at the REI garage sale we bought an older haul behind Thule trailer.  It's been just sitting collecting dust.  I didn't even bring a bike with us to Okinawa- I still have my 2003 Titus Racer X and...

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