Meet my Mentor James



Have you guys met my mentor James Wedmore?

I started my entrepreneur journey when I suddenly (yes it happened suddenly) resigned from my government job, married a Marine and was whisked off to the Far East back in 2011.

If you’ve been here with me for a while you know that my business has gone in several directions from health and fitness to where we are today in helping military spouse creative entrepreneurs.

It’s not simple to have a career or build a business as a military spouse… We’re constantly moving all over the planet, filled with uncertainties that are always out of our control- supporting our service member & taking care of our families 

For so many years I struggled with creating a business that comes from my heart. In 2018 I met James and had a series of realizations that were really challenging at first but have shined light on my true purpose and passions.

I’m so thankful for James & his programs and super excited to...

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