Fear and anxiety as a gift

Incredible anxiety stopped me in my tracks in 2018...

11 years ago I started my online business from scratch when I resigned from my government job to marry my marine and move across the globe.   To say I lost my identity when I walked away from that job was an understatement.  I was. so. lost. 


I remember looking for help to get my new, online business started.  I was so overwhelmed.  Business coaches were so expensive!  It just seemed like there was so much noise and everyone had a "blueprint" they wanted to give me and then got pissed if I didn't follow their advice exactly! 


I wanted to add my own creativity to my coaching business.

I also needed to allow myself space and time to heal from past trauma and my from my previous career.  


How could a business coach help me with everything I needed?  


Right...they couldn't.  But I sure as hell spent over $40K...

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