Living On Island Time

You might be thinking it's impossible for you to find 4 minutes of stillness in your life.  Trust me, I felt the same way.  I want to show you how just a few minutes of intentional nothingness will bring peace and joy to you.

Why Island Time?

Well, that's easy.  After spending 7.5 years on a teeny tiny island in Far East Asia and studying the art and benefits of stillness from local elders, my own observations, and healers of many different Eastern modalities, I found a serious contrast in lifestyle when we moved back to the states in 2020.

I'm sure you can imagine!


Here in the US, it's common to:

  • Talk about how busy you are
  • Have minimal time and energy 
  • Try out restrictive diets hoping for the best
  • Exercise with an "all or nothing" mentality
  • Roller coaster yourself from feeling healthy to overwhelmed


I've been back in the gym after a super long break and it feels amazing to have a new and refreshed outlook on exercise.  When...

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