On Gratitude

Sometimes when you pull a weed out of your garden it comes out very easily and sometimes you have to get a big shovel and work really hard to pull it out. That’s what it’s like on this road of emotional healing and self-improvement.

Do you keep a gratitude journal?

I didn’t think I needed to keep one but my lack of gratitude for the little things is that big, tough weed that I pull out but it keeps on coming back! Well today I decided to pull out the BIG GUNS or I guess I mean- big shovel or I might even get all UN Crunchy and use some pesticide on this beeeeaaattch…

I’ve been working on meditating. Today I brought my meditation guide to the beach. It’s not easy to read at the beach in a foreign country with 2 small children and we were right next to a very unforgiving death trap of a sea— so needless to say- I wasn’t doing much reading nor was it my intention to BUT I did plan on doing some meditation while sitting and playing like I...

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