De-stress to create ease and space in your busy mom-brain, so you can feel more peaceful, productive, and in alignment with your beautiful soul.  Take care of YOU first, so you can take care of everyone else in your life!


✧ Mini LIVE virtual workshops from magical moms all over the globe ✧ 

Meet your Host

An Intuitive Holistic Coach, Annie helps women get out of their own way, so that they can create ease and flow in 5 core pillars of their lives: Family, Career, Spiritual Connection, Fun & Wellness using intention, intuition, and the moon. Annie is also a motivational speaker, as well as a host of the Intuitive Collective Podcast and a creator of Profit Where You're Planted™.

Get to know the Magical Moon Moms LIVE Expert Guest Speakers

Join these extraordinary women, specializing in meditation, art, yoga, moon phase rituals, healing, self-care, psychics and more, as they help you decompress and recharge, so you can step into Spring feeling refreshed and in your HIGHEST VIBES!

Sybil is a Navy wife, mother to three girls (tween and teens, oh my!). She has the gift of gab and is on a mission to empower other women through her Know You Be You Love You® message. 

Social strategist by day and magical moon-loving mom by night, Deb Laflamme guides women how to share their gifts and shine their light so that they attract who and what they want. 

Stephanie is a Soul Digger: a purveyor of scandalous levels of self love, wrapped in shameless spirituality. She's an expert at  guiding women Home to their Sovereignty & Personal Power. 

Kristy is an intuitive body therapist and facilitator of HOPE2021 and the 30 Day Heart Connection Ritual. Her passion is to help women connect with the messages of their body.

Dawn is a certified health coach, meditation teacher, toddler mama, self-care savant, and founder of Sneakers+Kale. She helps busy women bounce-back from burnout, without having to quit their jobs. 

Nikki is a Certified Crystal Healer, a Reiki Master, and a Spiritual Transformation Coach for stressed out and overwhelmed moms who want to transform into high-vibe humans.

An Intuitive Holistic Coach, Annie helps women get out of their own way, so that they can create ease and flow in 5 core pillars of their lives: Family, Career, Spiritual Connection, Fun & Wellness.

Haunani [Houw-NaaN-ee] is an inspiring teacher and clinician, who works and supports busy women with a vision who are ready to transform their emotional and physical pain.

Heather is a Certified Accountant, Business Finance Coach, Money-mind Coach and Money Healer. Using a no-nonsense approach, she helps business owners change their relationship with money.

As a Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher, Integrative Life Coach, and Spiritual Midwife, Shandra blends energy healing with inner child and shadow work, spirituality, and psychology to guide her clients in learning how to shine their own light.

Georgeane is the founder of In The Moment Yoga. Whether it's leading a yoga class, offering meditation or channeling intuitive guidance, her holistic approach helps make meaning and connection along her clients' life path.

Sara is a Modern mystic helping women SUSTAIN the energetic frequency of next level $ucce$$. She is also the host of The Inner Magik School podcast and the author of the book 21 Days To Self-Love.

Elena specializes in creating elegant designs tailored to fit personal needs of the client. Experiential design, branding, illustration, fine art and photography are the pillars to this multidisciplinary approach.

Michele is a medical intuitive, energy healer, psychic, and transformational expert with Radiant Living. She works with women who are sick and tired of being sick and tired. 

Intuitive transformational coach, certified life coach, certified NLP practitioner, speaker and retired corporate controller, Andréa helps high performers/achievers heal while discovering their purpose and pursuing their passion.

Mindy spent the last 2 decades helping women transform their lives. She's her own brand of bossy and is on a mission to help other women embrace their truth, own their bossy-ness and become the boss of their own lives.

Emily is an intuitive healer and psychic business coach. She supports her clients on their healing journey by clearing and releasing blocks from their energy systems as well as from all lifetimes using the Akashic records.

Rabab is an Egyptian artist living in Dubai for the past 17 years. The creation of her art is a rather intuitive and discovering process. She believes that art is an essential tool for community improvement and healing. 

Katie is an intuitive alignment guide and mindset coach.  She helps women discover authentic alignment, reset their mindset and live fearless, free and fulfilled.

Gina is an Intuitive Healer and Spiritual Coach. She supports her clients on their healing journey by clearing and releasing blocks in their energy system so they can fully step into their power. 

Emily helps stylists (but not limited to) discover their own magic using tools like astrology, moon energies, and human design.

Jenny helps spiritual bossbabes to be authentic and unfckwitable to attract ideal clients + sell consistently by uncovering & healing what's blocking their success internally.







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