All The Tools You Need To Feel Balance, Ease & Flow in all areas of your life

 You are not 1-dimensional & compartmentalizing into little boxes doesn't work.  Get that "just walked out of yoga class" feeling every day and experience ease and flow during these crazy times!

I'm ready to find the flow!

In this 90 Day High Vibe Group Mentorship, you'll create true balance you won't believe how light your life feels

As an entrepreneur, your time is so very valuable.  Such a tremendous shift is happening around you and you know how important mindfulness and balance is to your business success.  When you're feeling overwhelmed and living in the crazy...very little gets accomplished, your business gets put on the back burner and it's really challenging to show up for your clients.

Wouldn't it be awesome to feel ease and flow and be able to CREATE that magic that you KNOW YOU CAN CREATE in your business?  You'll make more money AND get healthier during this mentorship. Hell YES!

We all know that when we let our health slide we feel out of balance and have a hard time being creative.  Getting that sweat on and eating healthy without breaking the bank is critical to our creativity but when was the last time you mindfully blended these areas?  I bet your answer is...never!  You'll see fitness people helping you with workout things.  Business people helping you with biz things and yoga people helping you with mindfulness things but nobody teaches how to create balance with all of these necessary life occurrences.  

Seriously?  How can you keep track of it all when it's split up into little boxes?  Impossible & ineffective.  It's exhausting and when you get ahead in one area it's normal for the other areas to suffer.  I've been there and I was over it!  So I  created a system that I want to share with you in our 90-day group mentorship.

I'm Annie Peguero.  In 2010 I resigned from my career as a law enforcement park ranger to marry a marine and move across the globe.  I started my fitness business in 2011 and since then I've helped hundreds of women live strong, healthy lives.  In 2018 I felt motivated to share my business development strategies and created a course called Profit Where You're Planted™ which many women participated in and found ease and success within their businesses!   

I've always been a moon lover and have been a student of yoga for 20 years.  In my program, the Intuitive Biz Collective™, female entrepreneurs found connection and ease in their businesses using the moon cycles & my guided meditations, Reiki and energy clearings.

But let me tell ya what happened when I focused on helping women in business...I bet you guessed it- my fitness took a nosedive.  The women I worked with talked about feeling sluggish and didn't exercise as much because they spent all their time and energy focusing on their business.  

It's easy to get wrapped up in one area of life and let the others fall to the side...but the truth is they are all connected.  Fitness influences creativity.  Meditation and centeredness influence fitness!  Eating mindfully creates joy, strength, and energy!

No more teeter-tottering your life! Your income will increase using your new business strategies WHILE you're effortlessly preparing healthy meals and exercising regularly without spending hours in the gym.  BAM!  

Mindfully Fit for Entrepreneurs™ bridges the gap between fitness, lifestyle & business creating an integrated flow so you can live a life of meaningful impact and abundance.

Your 90-day journey will take you from January 1 until April 1.  

I'll teach you my strategies, give you my workouts, nutrition plans and recipes, business strategy and guided meditations.  You'll learn how to seamlessly apply mindful practices in each of your important life categories and enjoy being able to BREATHE and find the joy in your daily life.  This beautiful life is way too short to get into your senior years and realize you rushed and felt out of balance for most of your time on this planet.  

After this year of challenges, it's up to you to allow 2021 to be your year of peace, flow, and abundance.

You won't find an opportunity like this anywhere else & so very affordable!  Don't wait to reserve your spot.  As soon as you do you'll feel more at peace knowing that ease & balance is on it's way to you.

Thank you for this opportunity to serve you!  You are going to love how you feel in a life full of balance.

Workouts & Recipes on Demand

No need to scour the internet for recipes or spin your wheels without results.  

Meditations & Mindfulness Practices to boost creativity and efficiency

Create habits in balance instead of focusing on one area and allowing others to suffer.  


Save your spot today

Get confident about creating ease in your life

Yes! Take me to the place of balance and flow!

Imagine what it will be like to feel strong, healthy AND serve your clients with ease

You're one step away from that balance that it seems like only "other people" or yogis have!  You can create it too.  Save your spot because space is limited in this exclusive experience and the pricing will increase significantly when this 90-day opportunity is offered again in the spring.

Give me all the ease and balance!