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The Freedom Society is OPENING SOON!

Become more intentional with your time & energy! 

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Consistently CRUSH Your Lifestyle Goals! 

Inside of The Freedom Society you'll enjoy:

  • Custom designed by me monthly workouts that you can do anywhere
  • Short videos demonstrating the exercises with form and technique instruction
  • Printables containing the exercise movements so you can grab the workout and use it as your guide at the gym, on the playground- ANYWHERE!
  • Nutrition guides custom designed by me for RESULTS & ENJOYMENT never deprivation 
  • Monthly Virtual Coffee Chats
  • Featured Mom of the Month and Gifts!
  • Weekly tips and tools to help you decide what to eat and how to plan your meals
  • Weekly No Recipe Recipes
  • Expert Guest speakers each month- (some examples of guests that are lined up for the rest of 2018 include travel experts, Holistic Doctors, doulas, small business owners, mindset experts and photographers!)
  • Monthly themes such as Summer Self Care, Travel hacks, Back to School Bliss, Holistic Health Care, Stress Free Holiday Prep, Meditation Tips, Journaling for Non Journalers, Gratitude activities, Abundance mindset and stress free mindset hacks!
  • Printables to help you organize and prioritize your life so you can have MORE self care time AND spend more QUALITY TIME with your family
  • Everything empowering and uplifting to help you CRUSH your lifestyle goals!
  • Gift and celebration of the Woman of the Month!


FREE ACCESS to my signature course Your Freedom Revealed!

This course is valued at $147 and is yours FREE FOREVER while you're a member of The Freedom Society!  Receive specific tools and downloads to help you become more intentional, find more time for self care and ditch the overwhelm so you can spend quality time with your family

Meet your host and founder of The Freedom Society

 ~ Annie Peguero ~

Annie empowers purposeful moms to become more intentional with their time & energy, so that they can consistently CRUSH their lifestyle goals through her creative coaching programs.

She's been featured in The Huffington Post,, Fit Pregnancy & Baby, Upworthy and The Washington Post as an outspoken supporter of breastfeeding.


Gain MORE confidence in your healthy lifestyle choices

And enjoy the shit out of your life while you're at it! 

Unlike other communities that are all about deprivation and restriction The Freedom Society is all about ENJOYMENT and creating MORE of a good thing in your life!

You don't need to give up time with your family and you certainly don't need to give up carbs and wine in order to live a healthy lifestyle!

Restriction sucks and nobody wants to live that way!  There is a better, smarter, more FUN way to get RESULTS on your health & fitness journey AND uplevel your mindset, marriage, career and family life!



The longer you keep telling yourself that you have to GIVE UP in order to move ahead the longer you'll stay STUCK.

In The Freedom Society you'll find all the tools to CRUSH your LIFESTYLE GOALS, create a simple healthy life for your family, teach your children how to make positive, sustainable choices AND make the time FOR SELF CARE!  You DO HAVE TIME to fill your cup and you'll learn strategies to do all of this and more on THE INSIDE OF THE FREEDOM SOCIETY!  

See on the inside!    



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