Are you putting your goals and dreams on the back burner?

The Circle 

Be the EMPOWERED LEADER that you ARE on the INSIDE!

Stop putting yourself LAST in order to serve your family

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If you're not quite sure about that...let me show you...

You HOLD IT ALL TOGETHER with the constant changes of this military life, your kids look to YOU for consistency and guidance AND YOUR SPOUSE sees you as the ROCK that constantly supports his service to our country!

Meet Annie Peguero

Annie is a military spouse, mom of 2 girls, former federal law enforcement officer and loves bringing moms together and helping them live their dreams by teaching you SIMPLE WAYS to FILL YOUR CUP FIRST!

She's been featured in The Huffington Post,, Fit Pregnancy & Baby, Upworthy and The Washington Post.

As mama warrior leaders we have more strength, resiliency and smarts when we STICK TOGETHER!

The Circle will give you tools, a community and strategies to NOT ONLY serve your family the BEST WAY YOU CAN but also MAKE TIME for self care, your own goals and much needed FUN so that you'll CONTINUE TO SHINE AND LEAD YOUR FAMILY!


The Circle is COMING SOON and it's YOUR one stop source for encouragement, support, friendship, answers and confidence in this military spouse mom life!  Fulfill YOUR dreams and never take a back seat in your own life WHILE you serve your husband and family wholeheartedly and fulfilled

Unlike other spouse groups that are stuffy, lack excitement and focus only on HOW to be a good wife...The Circle is here to provide resources, community and support so that YOU can shine YOUR LIGHT BRIGHT so you can BEST light they way for your family.



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Be the FIRST to know we're OPEN!