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Holistically for messy, imperfect, soul-searching humans.

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You're dreaming of creating a healthy life, healing your inner wounds, experiencing joy, accessing your creativity excelling in business or work but...


🛑 Self sabotage,  perfectionism and fear are keeping you at a standstill

🛑 You spend time obsessing about things that really don't matter and being a perfectionist

🛑 You're just not sure where to begin and what steps to take next in your life

🛑 You’re distracted by new ideas, and constantly changing your path or literally feel paralyzed by overwhelm

🛑 You second guess whether you’re good enough


There is a different way.  Allow us to show you.


Sōl Life for Business Is For YOU!

Join me on a spiritual coaching journey to create a holistic lifestyle and allow more joy into your life and work.  Allow yourself to be guided into mindful action without self-sabotage and perfectionism.

Sōl Life for Business (Sōl = of the sun) is the unstoppable duo of our signature virtual lifestyle, wellness, meditation, hypnosis and brain-based teaching combined with community coaching designed to get you past the roadblocks so you can create the business and life you have been putting on the back burner for too long.

Therapy and counseling is helpful.  But if you continue to choose the same self-sabotaging way of thinking, being, and doing you are going to stay stuck in overwhelm and despair in your life.  In Sōl Life for Business, you'll have the tools and support to choose a healthier way of being in all areas of your life.

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What's Inside Sōl Life for Business

Business Creation & Training

Access to Annie's Signature Course Profit Where You're Planted™ where you'll be guided to design and sell your passion-driven business online without spending your whole life on socail media.

Spirit-led  Wellness

You'll learn to seamlessly integrate the meditation and yoga, healthy living and your inner goddess superpowers & infuse them into your services to soulfully share with people who need you.

Coaching Calls

Group coaching calls for community encouragement where Annie helps using neuro-linguistic programming coaching skills & hypnosis to help you work through roadblocks so you DON'T get stuck.

During this spiritual adventure you'll learn...

✅ How to get crystal clear on a lifestyle vision that speaks to your passions

✅ How to design your life for optimum productivity by saying NO and releasing self-sabotage

✅  How to identify and attract the life and work that brings you joy

✅ How to recognize fear and sticking points and reframe they way you think about this

✅  How to integrate your spiritual development into your life, wellness and creativity 

✅  How to infuse your high vibe energy into your life and protect your vibration

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Hey there, I'm Annie!

I am Annie Peguero, a Transformational Success Coach, host of the Adventures with Annie Peguero Podcast, military spouse, and mother. I help humans develop mental strength and connect their personal story and experience to their work and lives using mindset strategies and actions that embrace awareness, ownership, and resiliency.

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Join Me At Sōl Life!

The important areas of your life were never meant to be separated... it's time to align!

Business Creation & Training

Guidance and strategy blended with hypnosis and listening to your intuition.

LIVE Coaching Call Monthly

Group coaching where Annie utilizes NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) Tapping & Hypnosis to help you over your limits & self-sabotage.  Guest hosts will also lead the calls!

Guided Assignments To Keep You Moving

Follow the frameworks in the program & apply the soulful and energetically charged guidance in your own life and recieve coaching, support and feedback so you can shift your thought process & ways of being to reflect your  truth and desires.

Lifetime Connection with your Sōl Sisters

Community & connection to a hand-selected group of women.  Sol School isn't for everyone.  You will have an immediate connection to the women here.  They will be like family. 

Let's Do This! I'm ready.

Watch this super quick video and see what grads of Profit Where You're Planted™ are saying

As a student of Sōl School™, you'll have access to Annie's signature course and learn how to custom design your business to match your soul's purpose.


As a Sōl Life for Business STUDENT YOU GET:

💖 Profit Where You're Planted ($777 Value) 
Annie's signature course 8-module business building training.

💖 Group Coaching ($1,488 Value) 
4 Months of weekly group coaching to walk you through the course including hypnosis, NLP, Tapping and moon ritual creation.




✨ The Sol Life Collective Vault ($333 Value)
Access valuable recorded trainings, guided meditations and exclusive workshops from Annie & trusted expert teachers to take your business to the next level.

✨ Live Stream Training ($85 Value)
Get serious about selling with social media in this private training from Annie that covers the how to's of going LIVE authentically to serve at your highest level.

✨ Super Simple Social ($250 Value)
Learn how to plan, prep and batch your social media content in just 1 hour each week in this take-action workshop 


$2,933 Value in Life Coaching for just $777

YES! Let's create ease and effortless in my life!

Diane Bovalino

Lotus Soul Healing Arts

"Now I don't even think about lowering my price!"

Before Sol School my confidence was low, I felt new in my business, I reduced my price because I was worried about the competition, and I worked with anyone. 


Now I don't even think about lowering my price! I make my own schedule and I find out if my client is committed to healing before I agree to work with them.

Elena Jochum

Creative Designer, Fine Art, Branding

" Sōl School helped me gain confidence and believe in myself"

I needed confidence and to know it's ok to make mistakes. Sōl School helped me gain confidence and believe in myself so I could take that next step.

From a happy, high vibe Sōl School Student!

Sol School is for work-from-home women who don't really know what they're missing but know they are missing something! Perfect for anyone trying to grow their online business.

Is Sōl Life for Business right for ME?!

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