YES I'm In SOL School

You're dreaming of building a business that generates REAL income and brings you REAL joy but...


🛑 You keep buying online courses and templates and leaving them unopened in your inbox

🛑 You’ve taken 1,000 trainings and stopped just short of taking action

🛑 You’re distracted by new ideas, and constantly changing your business strategy

🛑 You second guess whether you’re good enough to actually make this whole thing happen


Here's the real problem: 
You've got the GOAL but you're missing the SOUL!


SOL School Is For YOU!

You already know the power of applying Spiritual Practices to your daily life- imagine how those same techniques could transform your business!

Over the next 6 months, join me on a spiritual journey to create a soul-aligned business that generates REAL income (and REAL joy!) 

SoL School (SoL = Sisters Over Limits) is the unstoppable duo of our signature virtual business training combined with weekly spiritual community coaching designed to get you past the roadblocks so you can build the business you're dreaming of!

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Bobbi Silver

"A million times thank you!!!"

If anyone has a chance to sit with Annie Peguero, virtual or otherwise, you simply must do it!! I received so much valuable information and she made me feel so comfortable and confident about myself. No matter what you are searching for Annie can definitely help you in your venture and she will do it with compassion and because she really wants to help. A million times thank you!!

What's Inside SoL School

Business Training

Access to Annie's Signature Course Profit Where You're Planted™ where you'll be guided to design and sell your passion-driven business online without spending your whole life on socail media.

Spiritual Development

You'll learn to seamlessly integrate the moon energy, your feminine cycle and your inner goddess superpowers & infuse them into your services to soulfully share with people who need you.

Weekly Coaching

Weekly group coaching calls for community encouragement where Annie helps using neuro-linguistic programming coaching skills & hypnosis to help you work through roadblocks so you DON'T get stuck.

During this 6 month business training and spiritual adventure you'll learn...

✅ How to get crystal clear on a business vision that speaks to your passions

✅ How to design your business for optimum productivity by planning your work with the moon & your cycle

✅  How to identify, attract and SELL to your soul-aligned customers 

✅ How to create your perfect offer and fearlessly share it with the world

✅  How to integrate your spiritual development into your business and make more money

✅  How to infuse your feminine energy into your services and share with love

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Hey there, I'm Annie!

I'm a High-Performance Mindset Coach for Female Entrepreneurs. I help ambitious women integrate spiritual growth into online business so they can make more money online.  Watch this quick 2-minute video!


Join Me At SOL School!

Your business life and spiritual life were never meant to be separated... it's time to align!

6 Months of Business Training

Guidance and strategy blended with moon rituals and listening to your gut.

1 LIVE Coaching Call Weekly

Group coaching where Annie utilizes her NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) skills to help you over your limits so you can make more money.

Weekly Homework To Keep You Moving

Follow the frameworks in the program & apply the soulful and energetically charged guidance in your own business and get real feedback- not fluff!

Lifetime Connection with your SoL Sisters

Community & connection to a hand-selected group of women.  SoL School isn't for everyone.  You will have an immediate connection to the women here.  They will be like family. 

Let's Do This! I'm ready.

Watch this super quick video and see what grads of Profit Where You're Planted™ are saying

As a student of SOL School™, you'll have access to Annie's signature course and learn how to custom design your business to match your soul's purpose.


"I'm a doula for your business." - Annie Peguero


💖 Profit Where You're Planted ($777 Value) 
Annie's signature course 8-module business building training.

💖 Group Coaching ($1,488 Value) 
6 Months of weekly group coaching to walk you through the course including hypnosis, NLP, Tapping and moon ritual creation.




✨ The Beyond A Shadow Vault ($333 Value)
Access valuable recorded trainings, guided meditations and exclusive workshops from Annie to take your business to the next level.

✨ Live Stream Training ($85 Value)
Get serious about selling with social media in this private training from Annie that covers the how to's of going LIVE authentically to serve at your highest level.

✨ Super Simple Social ($250 Value)
Learn how to plan, prep and batch your social media content in just 1 hour each week in this take-action workshop from Annie's very own Business Manager, Becky Hoy!


$2,933 Value in Business & Spiritual Training for just 6 monthly payments of $333!

YES! Let's create my Soul Aligned Business!

Is SoL School right for ME?!

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