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Soul alignment is closer than you may think...

UNSTUCKED™ is a members only community for creative entrepreneurs, military spouses, PEOPLE who have goals, dreams and wish to live at their highest level but there are obstacles in your way. 

These obstacles are sometimes tangible and sometimes they are in self imposed.

In UNSTUCKED™, Alignment & Passion Finder coach Annie Peguero guides you to bring your inner self to the surface and live with clarity, fulfillment and purpose.

When you enroll you'll receive a FREE BONUS valued at $500

When you join UNSTUCKED! you'll receive access to Profit Where You're Planted™- Annie's program to help you build an online business from scratch- as a SPECIAL BONUS GIFT!

Stop wishing and waiting for the most perfect time to make yourself and your dreams a priority. Get clear on your path - the one in YOUR heart- not the one that others want for you!  Inside of UNSTUCKED™ you'll be equipped with tools to take steps forward in realizing your ideal life instead of feeling stuck like life is passing you by.

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Member Contributors

As an UNSTUCKED! member you'll have the opportunity to showcase your own genius by hosting a 3 day challenge IN the group.

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Your passions matter

Aligning your daily life with your soul can feel challenging without a guide and support tribe.  Let's move YOU from the back burner to the FRONT of your own life. YOUR passions matter!

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Using Moon Energy

In UNSTUCKED! we focus on aligning with the moon's phases to uplift our energy and abundance!

What is staying stuck costing you?

Kids are growing, time is passing, you're spending money on quick fixes and numbing the sting.  

Feel supported, guided and heard so that you can bring your passions to the surface and live the life you were MEANT TO LIVE!


Benefits to getting UNSTUCKED™ 


Have you been letting FEAR hold you back from living your highest and brightest life?  Maybe you start something but then listen to that voice in your head that says - You're not good enough for this.  Nobody will take you seriously.

Life is passing you by.  Your kids are growing, time is moving by and you're still in the same place.

But there is another way!

UNSTUCKED™ is your community and guidance for incredibly growth, internal trust and passion igniter!

It's for people who are OVER living in fear and regret and are ready to step into your highest self to live the life you were put on this earth to live.  

To live your passion driven purpose with alignment and ease

Inside UNSTUCKED™ you'll receive:

  • Strategies to harness the moon's energy in your daily life
  • Members Only portal with weekly messages 
  • The member's only community of UNSTUCKED™ badasses (those who are not OK with living on autopilot!)
  • Receive group monthly oracle card readings to align your passions with your actions
  • Monthly 🔥Hot Seat🔥Group Coaching Sesh video call
  • Full access to Profit Where You're Planted™ as a BONUS while you're a member 
  • Leading expert special guests
  • Member contributors and 3 day challenges
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Jess Arroyo

Opportunity Artist

"The community of UNSTUCKED has become my group of experts that validate me, understand me, show me passion and compassion, give me HONEST not hurtful feedback to make me see what is clear for me, but I don’t want to read. This group is one of the pieces I am using to find the confidence and energy to move forward with my ideas, passions, and talents. This group is a factor of why I know how to JUMP!"

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Peggy Moore


Life Coach at Discover your Personal Power Coaching


"UNSTUCKED! is a group of entrepreneurs collaborating together to create great content and services for others. It provides valuable resources and community."


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Melanie Perry

Military Spouse Lifestyle Mentor, Creator of This Dandelion Life, Podcaster

"If right now has you feeling totally misaligned: with your mind, your spirit, your body is out of whack, you’re spending so much time at home with your family, and you’re wishing that you always worked from home so your job wouldn’t be so unpredictable right now, this is the program that will get that alllllll aligned for you”



Recordings Only

  • Listen to the UNSTUCKED! weekly messages
  • Lite version so no Facebook group
  • Receive emails and reminders
  • Downloads and activities
  • Entry level membership

Full Monthly


Members Only Space

  • FULL Access to UNSTUCKED! & Profit Where You're Planted
  • Member's Only Facebook group
  • Expert special guests & member contributors
  • Moon energy & oracle cards
  • Support and guidance in the group

6 Months

$222/6 months

Best Savings

  • Everything IN Full Monthly Membership
  • Best Savings when you join for 6 months
  • Enjoy 1 month free with 6 month membership
  • Guidance, coaching in the Facebook group
  • Uplevel your life and GET UNSTUCKED!

Your Value Breakdown of the UNSTUCKED! Membership

  • Profit Where You're Planted- Valued at $497
  • 1 monthly video call plus coaching with Annie- Valued at $1500
  • Monthly Live Video Energy sessions & teachings, Oracle card readings plus distance Reiki - Valued at $500
  • Expert guest videos- Priceless
  • Facebook group access- Priceless
    Over $2500 plus priceless VALUABLE benefits with your 6 month or monthly membership


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