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Oracle Card Energy Session

Online, 45 minute session with Annie.  Oracle card reading, energy and vibe boost to recharge you and give you the boost you need to rewrite your story and get into alignment with your true path and passions.

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Profit Where You're Planted™

Go at your own pace through Annie's digital course to help you create your online business from nothing more than an idea.  

You'll receive one year of access to Profit Where You're Planted™ and special pricing on Annie's full menu of programs and services.

Create Your Profitable Business
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Profit Where You're Planted™ 6 Month Laser Coaching Sessions

As you go through the self-paced course, Profit Where You're Planted™, you'll have pre-scheduled monthly, one hour-long,  Zoom video call strategy sessions with Annie. In addition, you and Annie will share a Google Drive document where you'll write out your plans and Annie will help and guide you through your plans each week.  You'll receive feedback within 24-48 hours.  This option is great for those who would enjoy more guidance and coaching from Annie. 


6 Month 1:1 Coaching
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Beyond A Shadow of a Doubt

Monthly Membership 

What you'll receive:

  • Go from self-doubt paralysis to self-doubt adventure!
  • BE PART OF THE Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt™ MOVEMENT as a Founding Member
  • Giant library of mindset and belief shifts, workouts, meditations, guest speakers
  • Private Facebook community for love, support, full and new moon rituals monthly
  • Join at the Founding Member special pricing today!
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You Belong here 

Soul alignment means your daily life matches up with your most true heart's intentions.  Maybe you've been allowing circumstances or stories to hold you back?  Have you dreamed of creating or upleveling your business but aren't clear on how to begin?  If you love the woo, crystals, oracle cards, moon phases and tapping into your intuition THIS is your place and WE are your people.  

"Working with Annie Peguero has finally given me the extra little push I needed to take action and get my coaching business off the ground. They say everything is about timing and I’ve had these ideas for a long time, and I’m finally taking action and making them happen."

-Nancy Sanchez
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