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Sol Life Collective
Monthly Members Society for  Ambitious Women Craving HOLISM
Transform from self-doubt paralysis to badass, adventurous & confident with teachings from 5 experts in mindset, wellness, astrology, design and yoga/meditation.
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Sol School for Ambitious


Get on the FAST TRACK to create (or scale) your passion-driven business & strengthen your holistic spirit as you grow in wealth & mindset with weekly calls, specific milestones, and income achievements.

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1:1 Coaching with Annie

Custom & Specialized Life Coaching for badass, unapologetic HUMAN BEINGS who desire to live their fullest truth.  6 month 1:1 coaching 

1:1 Coaching

You Belong here 

Soul alignment means your daily life matches up with your most true heart's intentions.  Maybe you've been allowing circumstances or stories to hold you back?  Have you dreamed of creating or upleveling your business but aren't clear on how to begin?  If you love the woo, crystals, oracle cards, moon phases and tapping into your intuition THIS is your place and WE are your people.  

"Working with Annie Peguero has finally given me the extra little push I needed to take action and get my coaching business off the ground. They say everything is about timing and I’ve had these ideas for a long time, and I’m finally taking action and making them happen."

-Nancy Sanchez
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